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  1. Harvesting Problem

    I'm not sure if this is actually a bug, but my harvesting (sapphire) keeps stopping right in the middle for no reason. My character will just be sitting around, minding his own business, and it will suddenly say "Harvesting Stopped". Nothing else happens, there are no mouse clicks, no messages. Enlightenment, anyone? Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  2. 31337 Search Engine.

    UNIX isn't so tough. In fact, I generally enjoy a UNIX box more. That's where all the c00l kids hang out, you know % ln suid.sh -i % -i # Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  3. 31337 Search Engine.

    Hehehe. Don't TRY to get it, xavier. j00 d0 n0t ph33r 3n0ugh. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  4. 31337 Search Engine.

    w00t! HACK DA PLANET!
  5. N00b

    Not too bad, but I respond with the original - which should certainly strike a chord amongst EL players. http://www.imanewbie.com Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  6. 31337 Search Engine.

    "I knew that! I just got turned around, that's all!" - Private Donut
  7. Harvesting Problem

    Heh. If that were the case, I'd be stopping nearly every time... as is, it usually happens roughly every 30-50 harvests... only on sapphires though, it seems.
  8. Reseting

    The problem, Psycho, which has been stated before, is that it is far too easy to abuse. Yes, it might be nice for someone who took some particularily brutal perk. However, there are too many ways to mess around with it. A player might take all of their attribute points to speed research, complete all of the research, and then #reset and redistribute the pickpoints Someone could, in a system without boundaries like you suggest, NEVER put points into nexuses (nexii?) until they needed them, and then switch everything back as soon as they were done. (say you need 5 artificial nexii to do X thing... you #reset, get the nexii, make... oh, I dunno, tit bars, then #reset and put your picks into attributes.) Same thing for perks - players would only take the ones that suit them at the time. It's not realistic, and it's not good for the game. It was a good idea, but it will result in far more grief than it would solve. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  9. Questions

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showforum=5 That's a link to the suggestions forum. It's called, appropriately, suggestions. And can someone please move this to Help Me? Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  10. 31337 Search Engine.

    Oh, come now, Salem. While I know where you're coming from, and I hate the 'sk1dd13s as much as anyone, relax a bit. Sure, I know what you're saying. I know KillRoy personally. I've been to the original meeting place of the 2600 club. Etc, etc, etc. But let them have their fun - and what's your problem with j00 and pwn? The pwnage is funx0rz! Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  11. I've noticed, since I've become an EL player, that there seems to be a much larger number of (real) females in this game than in most games I've played... including among the mods. This poll is just for curiosity, to see how the numbers actually break down. For the record, I'm a guy Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  12. Is Roja Cool?

    I just wanted to point that out to those of us who have forgotten or never bothered to read the thread before posting. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  13. 31337 Search Engine.

    Uhmmm... Buuhan, dude... I don't even know how to begin by responding to that... Oh well. *shrugs* I suppose it has to be done. j00 4r3 n0t 1337!!!!! Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  14. What Is Up W/harvesting?

    I just have to take you up on this one. If you were the best person in the world at making leather gloves, and I handed you needle, thread, and fur, could YOU make a pair in one second? Seems to me three seconds is fairly reasonable. I mean, come on... it's... three seconds. If only everything in life took this long... Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  15. Just A Little Poll For Curiosity's Sake

    *sob* It's so true... she's figured out the secret. Lol...
  16. Damn New Harvest System

    And @Atho... what she meant was that you've just proven that if they change it back, people will go right back to cheating. Regards.
  17. Damn New Harvest System

    Perhaps what could be tried is to make the resources limited, with a certain regen rate per hour... and perhaps have them randomly migrate, to an extent. In other words, let's take something everyone needs... the coal mine, for example. Make each coal vein have a max value of 1000 or somesuch. Each one will regenerate by 100 per hour. Then, every two or three days, the patch gets "mined out" and can't be used for another 2-3. Instead, another coal patch somewhere else will become active, which makes players actually go out exploring for the resources instead of grabbing a map and sitting in front of the same patch day in, day out. It would definitely also balance the economy out to a certain extent. I mean, last night, my character hit level 8 of manufacturing. Once that happened, I pumped out about 6 iron shields within a few minutes - I had metal, coal, and fire essences banked to the point where I could just sit around pumping the stuff out. I don't know how that applies to the titanium weapons, but I'd imagine it works much the same way for higher level players... once you've learned to make a tit serp, and know where the resources are, the potential for making more is pretty much limitless. Also, the other "classes" could be reworked a bit... require cross-trading between the classes to make the stronger items... for example, to make a tit long, someone now needs to have the titanium available, the essences, a high level potion, some special resource only found in very limited quantities in certain areas, (say, a special gem or somesuch), and to have someone with a special, rare research finalize it or something... The problem is really that the cross-classing is too open. You can have equal values in every skill (if you go to the lengths to arrange that) - a high level character can have 50s across the board in each skill... while it's fun that the game is so open, it may be that the classes need to be more limited - like, you choose to be a miner - this opens up the manufacturing skills, and you cross-class to blacksmith... but when you do this, it limits the total value you can put into potions - because you have to specialize in the manufacturing skills (much like real life.) What is the total advantage of this? It means that no one person can do everything required to make a high level item... and that someone who takes another class has more economic clout, so to speak. If the guy making the tit serp requires the services of a high level potion maker, and maybe a high level spellcaster, we now have a true economy going. Also, the failure rates could be higher. (I know, I know... stop screaming in pain.) Say, for example, our miner-blacksmith is highly specialized in item crafting - he can make pretty much any item... this means that he has less points to put into his mining skills, and his alchemy skills. So it becomes much harder for him to mine the titanium and craft it into a metal bar... making it more feasable to him to work together with someone who is a VERY good miner/metal maker. He pays said person to get him the resources, and in exchange, HE almost never fails on the basic craft role... he then works together with a high level spellcaster and a high-level potion maker... etc etc etc. Oh, and did I mention that this will raise the bar on the sense of accomplishment one gets for completing something like this as well? The total effect would be to create a proper economy, in which people with diversified skills HAVE to work together to create more powerful things. Unlike now, where entirely by myself, I can harvest, with excellent speed: Iron ore, coal, sulphur, red rose, red snapdragon. I can then make fire essence with 100% success rate. I can make iron bars with about 70% success rate. I can make steel bars with about 50% success rate. (success defined by not losing the materials) - and I can make enough for one of my iron shields in, give or take, five minutes. THEN I can go and sit down and make an iron shield, with about a 60% success rate, in another two minutes. Meaning there are two people in total in that economical system - me, and the consumer. If it were harder to achieve a powerful weapon/armour/what have you, then not only would every low level character not be walking around with super equipment (I myself have only 15 a/d but a tit long (thanks to Rya for running that contest ) and so does everyone else who's been playing for more than a couple days. If I so feel like it, I can make... (pulls up calc) 2500 gold per hour doing nothing more than harvesting lilacs. Give me one week and by the end of it I guarantee you (if I wanted to... I don't, for the record) I would be holding a complete set of the strongest (basically) stuff in the game due to a broken economic system. Anyway, that's my two cents... feel free to ask for clarification. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  18. Is Roja Cool?

    ........ no thread for you?
  19. 31337 Search Engine.

    Oh. My. God. Have I mentioned how much I love you lately, teh banned 0n3na? Seriously, though, that's possibly the best thing I've seen all week. And does it scare anyone I understand it all perfectly? I may have to put that in my siggy. Ahh, Megatokyo, how do I love thee... Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  20. Damn New Harvest System

    The only problem I see with what everybody is saying is what's listed right in the poll - in other words, the "modded client". That translates as CHEATING, ladies and gentlemen. Something that SOME of us refuse to do. I can see the reasoning behind the autoharvesting system already - it makes a level playing field for those who do not wish to cheat. Which is all most of us really ask. Certainly, it's not perfect. But what is, especially in a beta? The important thing to remember is that they are TRYING to find a solution that works for everyone, and blindly quitting a BETA because they're actually WORKING on it is STUPID. So, to those six votes, and to anyone else who has quit playing over this - fine. I personally don't care. Don't let the door hit you on the way out. For the REST of you. Instead of sitting here every day, all day, whining about how much you don't like the new system, why don't you do something CONSTRUCTIVE and at least make a suggestion about what could be done INSTEAD before making a post about it? I'm sorry, I'm just tired of seeing the 50 millionth thread about the new autoharvester... especially where everyone just sits around and nods their heads. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  21. Banned?

    Perhaps if you were to post in the right thread instead of posting randomly at the end of other people's threads, and also included the proper information as outlined in the whitelist sticky. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  22. How To Get To Level 99 Potion

    It's even funnier when it's 10:50 PM and one hasn't slept for 32 hours. My brain hurts...
  23. Anime Fans!

    Well, if the stupid board would actually post my images (grumble) I can't for the life of me figure out why they don't work. The links are all PERFECT. I've checked that one about 5 times now, and it works every time when you take the link from the properties box. It just won't post on the stupid site. ~growls~ And leave my man Brian Drummond alone (Funniest thing ever... live sketch between Brian as Zechs Marquise from Gundam Wing, and Michael Dobson as Starscream... first lines went something like this: M: Starscream, TRANSFORM!!!!!!! B: ........ what's he doing?) Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman
  24. Anime Fans!

    The shirts weren't meant to support me. They were MEANT to be amusing And just because I feel like torturing you: Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman EDIT: WHY are the images not working properly? The links are right. The images are THERE. w00t is going on here?
  25. Just A Little Poll For Curiosity's Sake

    Now THAT I can certainly understand and agree with... those things manage to annoy ME. And I used to have a G/F who would ONLY play male characters... I know there are some out there who hate being female themselves, and always play male characters because of this (she was one of them... at least, I THINK that was her reasoning). Go fig. Regards, Kenjutsushi Kyuketsuki The Vampiric Swordsman