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  1. Storage Sale

    All sold
  2. Storage Sale - Mostly Summoning Stuff.

    Buy 125 puma fur=1500gc or offer 265 black panther fur= 5300 or offer 125 tiger fur = 3000gc or offer 41 snow leopard fur= 500gc or offer 200 skunk fur = 5000gc or offer 150 bear fur= 3500gc or offer 97 beaver fur = 1200gc total=20000gc or offer Pm ingame Khrull
  3. Book of thermal sword

    8 oranges
  4. 245 s2e

    255k ingame Khrull
  5. Last of my storage

    i would like to buy all 3 dvarium bars. How much for then?Is 48k all ok?
  6. Booted in archery arena

    It has been 3 days already, can I be unlocked please?
  7. Booted in archery arena

    Ok tyvm, i will wait and be back when my punishment is done.Tyvm again
  8. Booted in archery arena

    Yes i admmited i broke the rule and will not let that happen again, i am really sorry, just want to know my punishment.
  9. Booted in archery arena

    Sorry I was having connection problems for the first time in the archery arena i saw Aislinn pms but could not send message back, I know i cant use autoclick in arena while afk, so i accept my penalty and would like to know for how long i will be banned from the game? Again sorry, but i really dont Know why I had such connection problems today, I participated in other Robint Tell days with a lot more people in the arena...Andy already helped me a little earlier, saved my bag, cause I could not stay on for more then 10s, and tried to get out of the way...so I am really sorry and will not let that happen again.
  10. Auction 1 Hydro Nexus (50 Hydro bars)

    650k ingame name Khrull
  11. Auctioning NMT

    515k Ingame Khrull
  12. 120s and 130s attention please!

    ok im in I just passed the 120 a/d barrier, if you donĀ“t find anyone stronger i can go.
  13. In the Heat of the Moment

    2.5k matter essences pm ingame Khrull
  14. In the Heat of the Moment

    Ingame name Khrull 10k fire essences
  15. Selling a few randoms

    Edit-Canceled post