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  1. My char Hammurabi is banned

    Hi Thyralax, Yes, i did read the rules. And my intention is not to trade from the same ip address with my family and friends again and if something not clear to me or may be illegal, i would ask u first.
  2. My char Hammurabi is banned

    Hi Thyralax, will u unban Hammurabi
  3. My char Hammurabi is banned

    As you write in the rules, every case will be handling individually and i count on that. My opinion that you will not get great benefit of ban 5 players because they did mistakes not because you must be tolerant but because they understood the mistake and promised not to repeat again and that is what really matter. And we want to pull more people to play this game. I was trying 3 weeks to pull my family and friends to play this game, so wasn’t easy for me
  4. My char Hammurabi is banned

    As i mentioned before, we are 5 players, in 4 different cities, with 4 different ip addresses. You can check the log files. Yes we did trade together and use each other char, cos we are family and friends. BUT we didn't know that this is serious matter.
  5. My char Hammurabi is banned

    My char Hammurabi is banned today, i think the reason is that i did unfair trading few weeks ago. I apologize and i promise that this will never happen again. Thank you.