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  1. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    this is Spike and i vote yes also what do we have to lose for trying something to get players
  2. PK server invasions

    i voted for twice per week would be nice so you still have time to gather supplies and yet the invasions are freq enough to help with the boredom that set in from all the grinding and harv etc
  3. Attribute Removal Stones

    i vote NO also that is what the call you need to reset char if you don't like it or harv your but off to get the stones working for the right char is part of the game if you just buy char then you have to reset them to fix the problems if you don't have the stones to change build
  4. Selling Cutlass

    96k for the cutlass
  5. Connection problems

    yes i can't connect to pk server or main or players online page either
  6. PK Server Ranking/Online Pages

    yes thank you Learner for your time and helping the pk server
  7. PK Server Ranking/Online Pages

    i voted 1. yes 2. yes to all skills 3. No it a pk server
  8. Instance Team

    i visited with grim about going and yes we will be able to go in instance around 7:00p.m. - 12:00 pm Central time we would use spike also to mule he is level 2 mule and grim and hailee would be the fighters Keep in mind for this to work it is best to have at least 5 fighters and 2 mules
  9. Going away contest.

    woot all bags found on c2 UW last step before leaving tks bromber will miss you tc
  10. here is my question to the ppl that play on pk server? Do you think that being able to buy EFE,ELE etc would help keep more players on the server?
  11. I want the mercury back

    i say yes also and would like it too if could buy the enrich ess also
  12. News from R/L

    fully understand about RL calling Have good summer and will see you time to time when you can. Hb
  13. Ent look plx

    the pk server is alive a well come over a check it out instead complaining about something that you have never played and i agree if you don't wait pk member posting on main then stay off the topics that deal with pk server and we will leave you alone
  14. Who the hell are you?

    just a fyi to all Harlean is name on main server On pk server i'm spike alt are scarface/Rubi/Bailey
  15. EL Shop

    this is spike on pk server i voted yes to the rostogol stones and the tools that you can buy from NPC. MY vote on binding stone and enriched essence is NO at this time don't feel that the server is ready for this