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  1. book of thermal sword

    SOLD - thanks all
  2. fire essences

    I'm looking for someone to mix my FE ings or I'm directly trading my FE ings for FE's. up to 18.5k adeen ingame
  3. Selling

    Ill take the orc slayer(30k), the 2 steel chain mails(650gc ea), the 3 fur cloaks, and the 1k diamonds for 2.5gc each
  4. buying elven bow

    title says it all, buying elven bow. adeen ingame
  5. Connection problems

    same, I was seeing the creatures moving around me but I could not walk.
  6. Connection problems

    Can't connect either :/ hopefully i didnt die while training if so im asking my rosto back!!
  7. title says it all. im paying well. adeen ingame
  8. Selling

    Flowers: 10k Tree Mushrooms 2k Ogre Toes Armour: 18 Iron Helms Magic: 1 Fast Regeneration Removal Stone Clothes: 1 Red Robe 1 Red Scarf 1 Brown Tricorn Hat 1 Black Cavalier Hat 1 Black Buccaneer Hat 1 Black Scarf Books: 1 Book of Steel long sword of fire 2 Books of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice
  9. Selling back into game

    30K for iron ore and 20k for silver ore
  10. NMT auction

    When does the auction on the cape end?
  11. Auction

    you fail at reading once again
  12. Selling

    1140 Blue Quartz - 2gc each
  13. Auction human removal stone

    I think I read that the starting price was 350k, you might want to check the first post again. No need to thank me.
  14. AUCTION: BroD

    Just start the auction at the price you wish then.