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  1. What Additions Should Be Made To The Magic Skill?

    I like the idea of elemental attack spells, but maybe have it so you need magic nexus to cast them as well as some armour restrictions, or need the caster to have a certain staff for certain spells (then you could have fire mages, etc). A daily magic quest would be nice too, though would need careful planning as you couldn't 'buy' the needed (like the manu & engineering based one's) and if you get spells way above your level you may wait a LONG time to do it.
  2. Hash key alternative

    Hi I'm afraid I use the same for the hash key (also have some common has key based commands saved in the notepad too, which helps) and yes I get the occasional crash too when pasting. The only way I'v found to prevent this is when copying out of the notepad, if the type curser keeps flashing you should be ok, if it stops flashing try copying again. Sorry this isn't much help though Adhi
  3. Info about perk "ONE"

    Depends if you can afford lots of rosto's then
  4. Info about perk "ONE"

    I used to have the perk when I was a lower level & needed the PPs, but now I don't think its worth it. I got bombed twice, both time when I died & on returning to my db someone had placed mines around it to get more stuff off me. I also got bombed once in VotD sto & then on return, died at the boat, lost full iron set. Unless you can afford to buy rosts off Radu every week, its gunna be a real pain. Adhi
  5. Instance 60-80-100

    I can do 80-100, but am at top a/d level so won't be much longer Anyone up for one tonight?
  6. 15k raw meat auction

    Lol I was thinking more like 60k atleast, but thanks for the support mate
  7. 15k raw meat auction

    OK, no offers yet, so open to lower bids. Make a bid what you will pay, I don't want to run around selling to bots with it all Adhi
  8. 15k raw meat auction

    15k meat for sale. Start bid 82kgc Increases of 1k min Auction end 9 pm 14th July GMT
  9. I'm looking to buy an Ice Dragon Set (w/o helm) post/pm your prices please
  10. 5K Steel Bars for sale!

    sold for 272 I'll contact u in game
  11. 5K Steel Bars for sale!

    er... I have 5k steel bars for sale Start bid is 265k gc Increments of 1k min plz BIN 350k gc Auction will end Mon 4pm GMT Thanks & namaste Adhi
  12. Manu items by Xanthus

    busy weekend, but will b online sunday night & monday. Will take 2 cuttys & give u a load of iron ore for them Adhi
  13. Manu items by Xanthus

    How much is iron ore worth in payment? I will take either 1 or 2 cutlass (depending on answer to above question ) Adhi
  14. Lower manu items sink

    I've had tit chain mail for this, and the exp payoff is just about worth while, if you buy from the right people
  15. The Eternal Lands Youtube Channel!

    Perhaps my video I did for the old comp would be good to go on there