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  1. ip is banned

    I havent played in a while probably 7 weeks or so and have just recently changed internet service provider. i tried logging on the other day and it said your ip is banned etc... so i private messaged radu through this forum and he hasnt opened it yet so i downloaded the phone app and logged in through that and it let me on, only on mobile network though not wifi. Would be nice to be unbanned ingame name TEMPZz and birdie
  2. Red Dragon spawn is taken

    same thing has just happened again as soon as 120200 invance finished i knew hed come and he did and he serped.
  3. Red Dragon spawn is taken

    I have the same problem with stivy, i made alot of visits to the rd to range but 9 times out of 10 when i go stivy will be there. The last visit i made i managed to get the spawn to myself, i killed one rd and then started on the next one tryna pin... guess who turned up? stivy. He engaged the dragon and killed it and took the loot, as per usuall no matter what you say to him he is to cowardly to reply. Prior to this me, viper and fullhouse went to pay the dragon a visit to help fullhouse with his novac, stivy was there the rd spawned right on top of me full house engaged then stivy engaged we killed it and i got the rights to the bag (no idea how i dealt the most damage melee but i did) and i asked the question 'what shall i do with the bag?' knowing that if the rolls were reversed stivy would take it without even questioning it anyway the guys said give it to stivy so i let him have it. More to the point fullhouse didnt get the rd kill for his novac and we asked if he could get the next one but let stivy have the bag well... ofc that didnt happen. It's a shame that there is only one spawn and the chances are extremely low of rangers getting such target. - TEMPZz
  4. weak wtf team

    TEMPZz: 117/117 a/d, 34 range/29 ap. 0 mule lvl
  5. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    i voted no on both. obviously if you are entering an invance you should help all the way through it unless you entered ready to fight and then something popped up in rl then yes by all means i think its fine to be afk as rl is more important as long as you went with the intention of giving a good helping hand. the second question i voted no but that question doesn't really bother me either way im in between yes and no really. if you have the gear take it if you don't have the gear that you think you might need then maybe you shouldn't go (imo that should be up to the person as long as they know they can still be a decent help). i have a alt char in the 40-60 range i haven't taken that one on an invance yet because i automatically thought i wouldn't be able to do it until i read this thread as he has no armor apart from a rdholam i never thought augs would be enough but apparently it is. Basically if you can still be a help without the expensive stuff then i cant see a problem, however if you cant be a useful help don't bother going until you can.
  6. Removal/modification of rule 5

    maybe have a cap of so many alts? not that its gonna happen anyway lol.
  7. Removal/modification of rule 5

    I voted yes simply because id like to be able to help my alt out with items from my main.
  8. 100-119 Invance

    i can do same time as aravinth dont really wana post a/d but higher attack level that ara and lower def level i have good attributes also TEMPZz<-------
  9. New mob the Badaran - how do we kill it

    to add to that, tit set iron helm rdholam col com gatherer med all tools all scales (including small dragon) pheonix feather bronze plate mage robe skirt saving stone serpent stone binding stone nexus transfer stone some indicators (approx 4 cant remember which) various books mainly sword construction (approx 10) ring mould my guess is not anybody can use the item that is needed OR its a different method to damage it --TEMPZz--
  10. Neno

    i think these ideas would bring much more neno hunts and good days i like the idea
  11. Show Achivement Progress.

    please implement. <3
  12. Privacy option on Achievements

    we've been given achievements just recently and u want to mess around with them already? everything is private these days is nice to see who has what every now and then
  13. Privacy option on Achievements

    i agree with lorck tbh
  14. i have tonnes of leopard fur but i back aredhels point i do think it is too late gc wise the new daily has made demand for alot of items so unless you dont hunt the furs your self it could be expensive that being said it would make sense for all animals to be summoned
  15. Privacy option on Achievements

    dont worry about achievements i dont think theres much need in a privacy for it most of them just show how much u play the game, i understand your point though i dont have many myself at the minute but i know give it a couple of months il have a considerable ammount more