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  1. Small Sale

    Here is what im selling, Pm me IN-game, Leave a post or gossip me. I will be in-game for the next fw hours so that would be best. Harvests: 5,000 coal - 2gcea (sold) 4,000 red toads - 1.5gcea (sold) 2,000 gold ore - 3gcea Jewelery: 350 Polished Rubies - 20gcea (sold) 110 Polished emeralds - Offers (sold) Clothes: 1 Universal Hood - 69k (ono) 1 MM cloak - 13k (ono) Magic: 50 Isla Prima Rings - 65gcea (sold) Essence: 1,500 Life essence - 5gcea (sold) Misc: 900 Vials - 5.5gcea (Sold) Thanks. - Riviere in-game
  2. Guess the player name!

    Wild guess: Dragon_slayerd
  3. Looking For A Guild

    Im looking for a guild that will help me learn new stuff and help me to develop my skills while keeping it fun My stats: Att: 34 Def: 35 Har: 39 Mag: 23 Sum: 17 Cra: 20 Ova: 52 I havent started the other skills yet, just waiting for right time/experience to do this. I don't pk either. And im from New Zealand. (bottom of the world, very cold right now.. maybe gmt +11 or 12 timezone, im not to sure) So if you think ill be a good member, Drop me a Pm in game. In-game - Riviere
  4. The RPing in MMORPGs

    Talking and moving npcs would be awesome.. I also like the idea of during quest some npcs only talk to you when you have a certain level. Just me, but i enjoy reading from some npcs about the background of maps and the races that live there.. Good idea to have them moving as well
  5. Auction - Warlock Cloak!

  6. Another boat on IP.

    Boat to south MM or north Naralik would be quite handy.. As for a newbie boat.. i think 2-3 boats isnt unreasonable travel distance + ive rarely seen a gargoyle at WS docks.
  7. Summoning recipes

    Great idea! Good motivation no matter what way it goes for people to start summ or tailor
  8. a mace introduction ?

    Don't know how old this is or if its still active but.. Looks like we are stuck with the golden star mace as the only "mace" for a bit longer
  9. Small harvestables sale

    Silver goes to Nola. Sorry Llywar but as they posted first they get it.
  10. Small harvestables sale

    Selling: Flowers: 2,500 - Henbane 4,000 - Red Snapdragons [sold ty] 2,500 - Blue Lupines 2,500 - Black Roses Ores: 2,000 - Silver Ore Minerals: 15,000 - Quartz [sold ty] 3,000 - Rose Quartz [sold ty] 3,000 - Blue Quartz [sold ty] 1,000 - Coal [sold ty] Misc: 1 - Black tunic with purple shirt Offers please Pm me in-game or post here (Riviere in-game) Reasonable offers please
  11. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Vitality removal - WS coal/diamond cave on the coal
  12. storage cleaning

    How much for this? if you have no offer ill say 26k (up for negotiation if needed)
  13. Custom Clothing

    I agree with all of that + whats wrong with the tailoring items? Good choice of hats/cape/tops/robes even hoods in-game already..
  14. Storage Clearance

    Os - 25k Pm me in-game if you wanna negotiate. Im on now Same name btw
  15. Small storage sale

    Ok to both, you can pm me aswell. List updated!