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  1. Warning!

    Just a quick note - Either yesterday or the day before, youngelf attempted to hire me to summon a chim/fluffy in NC arena.. because 'highlevels keep killing trainers'. Smelled fishy and I didn't touch the idea
  2. New Items?

    I demand that these are made glowy! Posthaste! I want to show off.
  3. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    2 Eternal Lands 173 8.88% Whee
  4. Market Prices are going down and down

    Guess you don't know me very well, do you?
  5. Market Prices are going down and down

    No offence to anyone who's posted so far, this is a general statement. I'm tired of seeing this kind of thread. Complaints (without plausible suggestions) and strikes don't do anything constructive. You can't even let off steam in these, because they tend to turn into flamey-goodness. The market is indeed messed up in multiple ways. The biggest one being that to level any 'creation' skill, you must mass manufacture. With that particular complaint, there are only two vaugely realistic options to correct it - Either produce less (not going to happen for various reasons) or change the entire system for leveling a skill. We've all been told to expect changes... so... Listen.. for now... if you're not making money at what you're doing, DO SOMETHING ELSE. Doing the same thing over and over has the same result.. so don't do it! If you're complaining about not being rich because all you make are leather helms, for example, try a different item, or perhaps even a different skill entirely. If you're doing it for XP, isn't that alone enough? If you're saying 'no' to that statement, then ask yourself, what are you really more interested in.. the GC, or the leveling? There is absolutely plenty of GC to be made out there. Who's making it now? The 'undercutters', the slick traders, and some people with just dumb luck. Please, you cannot change the market to suit your needs; try adapting to the niches the market is providing. Besides, what would even be the point of having money, if we always could make as much as we wanted?
  6. Voting @ www.mpogd.com

    *blinks* 100gc x 30days = 3000 3000 x what was it, needed 100 a day to win?.. so... 300k extra, per month, floating around that shouldn't naturally be there... is ok from an economic standpoint? *snorts*
  7. Enriched Fire Essence

    I don't have the stats on it, but I'm pretty sure a good portion of EFEs on the market were bought in the EL store... *whistles innocently*
  8. New Cyclops

    Why does the female have to be weaker? I'm all for a race with tough gals for once >.>
  9. Favorite Gnome Recipe

    To my fellow Gnomes, It has come to my attention that you are publically protesting the consumption of our race. While it is understandable that the barbarity of the slaughter of our people is exceptionally upsetting, please keep in mind that protesting these rituals goes against the agreements of our last Council meeting. We are working tirelessly to assure the safety of all Gnomes, not just those on Seridia. As of now, Project SnackSafe, as detailed at the meeting, has not yet come into fruition. When SnakeSafe is completed, Gnomes will never again be used as food items. It is important that the other races do not, under any circumstance, learn of our plans, or consume those directly involved with Project SnackSafe. Therefore, for the survival of our race, we ask that any Gnome designated for consumption comply willingly and cheerfully with their captor. Do not try to escape, for if you are successful, another Gnome may be captured in your place. For those of you who wish to help Project SnackSafe by means of diversion, the Council recommends the addition of fragrant herbs (Rosemary, Sage, Basil, Thyme) to your bathwater. If you were not present at the last Council meeting, the minutes are available on Vellum (5.99) or recorded on Crystal Ball (19.95) (+2.99 S&H).
  10. impressions & suggestions

    Your economic theory scares me quite a bit, because you'll effectively be turning EL into a single player game. Ok, so we still can chat to each other, and serp each other's spawns... but still.. It's a *very* rare things these days to not see a player-based economy, although games like that used to be quite common, but that was before mmorpg's had even coined the 'mmo' term. Generally the only games in which NPC based economies work, are A. Single-player, or B. Hack 'n Slash MMOs (Hack 'n Slash are generally monster killing only, with no type of manufacturing, all money is made from monster drops). When NPCs only buy a limited ammount, what happens is you get persons, and sometimes entire guilds 'camping', waiting for the npc to start buying again. Intruders are threatened with PK and whatnot. With the majority of players unable to make much/any income.. well.. there won't be any economy at all, will there?
  11. Show stats in PK only

    There's a slight problem with the thought of using a magic spell to reveal player information. From the discussion in general chat about privacy, one of the larger concerns was leading persons astray - someone much bigger and badder lying about their stats before frolicking through pk areas for whatever reason. The new & naive players will be the ones hurt by the privacy (and possibly a few old & not-very-bright as well). And generally, the new & naive aren't going to be the ones with a decent magic level.. Perhaps make the spell one of the first few available to learn? Of course, by the time you're a big bad pk'er, that'd mean your casting would be pretty accurate..
  12. My name change.

    Rockbiters.. the Nothing..Gmork, Falkor... How come the name has to be for some upstart band, and not the utter coolness of an 80's classic fantasy... *not pleased*
  13. Of Magic Swords and Monsters

    Delayed due to real life. Yes, I suck. Commence whining. Edit: When I say delayed, I have no idea when to. And trust me, I'm probably at least as dissapointed as you all are, this took a lot of planning -.-
  14. What is better

    \o/ <3 Minion As for the topic, summoning all the way.. there is nothing like a pack of loyal hounds at your side during an invasion.. or.. just.. to hurt people ;D My puppies after gorging themselves on Trolls in the last invasion. Aren't they pwecious?
  15. Of Magic Swords and Monsters

    Tough cookies?