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  1. Meep is recruiting

    Meep Meep Musie Bonne chance à toi et à ta guilde
  2. mixable exp books

    I will not let you manage my life and my game, van_binsbergen. I would do as I thought that I would like to, as I always have. Your attempt at price fixing and your arrogance I dislike greatly. Just because you're an old gamer, you are more deserving than another player, you are entitled to more consideration, or you have more rights at all. Your choice of play only for you: assume them. And if you're afraid of the competition, you mix the heart of a warrior. Versus french Je ne vous laisserai pas gérer ma vie et mon jeu, van_binsbergen . Je ferais comme je le penserais pour qui je voudrais, comme je l'ai toujours fait. Votre tentative d'entente sur les prix et votre arrogance me déplaisent considérablement. Ce n'est pas parce que vous êtes un ancien du jeu, que vous êtes plus méritant qu'un autre joueur, que vous avez droit à plus de considération, ou que vous avez plus de droits tout court. Vos choix de jeu ne concerne que vous : assumez-les. Et si vous avez peur de la concurrence, mixez-vous un coeur de guerrier.
  3. Human removal nexus

    Its not a problem, Raz _______ This auction is close ; the stone was sold to the highest satisfaction of both parties. Miri
  4. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    vegetal removal stone - Wormwood, Naralik human removal stone - Dandelion, Arius
  5. Human removal nexus

    Raz, the previous person withdraws its bid, if you want to revise your proposal, there is no problem
  6. Human removal nexus

    A proposal for 750 000 gc. auction canceled
  7. Human removal nexus

    Hello EL Starting bid: 700k Bin: when i want, rffFfffff Miri
  8. Vegetal removal stone

    Hello EL The sale will not occur. I donated the stone to Ryddler event for people with diabetes. Try your luck at the lottery by purchasing tickets, and maybe you'll get this stone. Clic here Now, I'm happy. Miri
  9. Vegetal removal stone

    not fun, young boy. I dont appreciate.
  10. Vegetal removal stone

    Hello EL Starting bid: 600k Bin: when i am happy Go !
  11. Who the hell are you?

    Mainserveur : Miri PkServeur : Twig
  12. Players u missed

    PasMoi and Firmin. Please guys, back now.
  13. new players

    Welcome to the Eternals Lands addicts, Makuyi
  14. Lucaa Invasion last night

    It's a real treat invasions carried out by Acelon. Let us hope that there be much and long. Viva Acelon \o/
  15. Read and understand

    Hello EL. Read. Or do not read. Think, make your opinion. Or not. Laugh, if you wish. Laughter is good. But please keep to yourself your comments, thoughts, opinions, reactions. Do not post after this message. There has all the right words. Thank you. Actors : Nial, trade bot of guild DUNG : http://bots.el-services.net/Nial.php Miri, all rounders, members of guild DUNG : http://game.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=miri Fancy, figther Elmo, fighter/engineer Times : Log started at 2010-05-28 05:04:39 localtime (Paris) Action : I resume. [05:58:17] [yaserhameed @ 6]: You see: Nial You are in the Underworld. [150,34] [05:59:10] [yaserhameed @ 6]: probably, who ever killed it (newhope ;p) it has 3880 hp probably took a while to kill [06:03:09] [Dyllun @ 6]: Wasn't newhope I don't think - from earlier today: [Elmo @ 6]: Nial was a good man.[Aislar @ 6]: ^^ [06:25:57] [Miri @ 6]: Elmo kill Nial ??? [06:25:58] [Fancy @ 6]: why u lie guy miri? [06:26:20] [Fancy @ 6]: y u tell lie on mine friend of Elmo? [06:26:35] [Miri @ 6]: i dont know elmo [06:26:46] [Fancy @ 6]: u say he kill bot :/ [06:26:51] [Miri @ 6]: why he said Nial was a good man ??? [06:27:00] [agnieszka @ 6]: good bot* [06:27:15] [Miri @ 6]: its message when dead no ?? [06:27:18] [Miri @ 6]: Humm Rrrrr [06:27:27] [Miri @ 6]: I hope elmo explain. [06:27:50] [PM to Fancy: you know Elmo ?? friend you ?? name guild ?] [06:28:25] [PM from Fancy: he no play. of guild do not of know] [06:28:54] [PM to Fancy: [Fancy @ 6]: y u tell lie on mine friend of Elmo?] [06:29:12] [PM to Fancy: your friend or not your friend ?] [06:35:23] [PM to Fancy: Fancy. My english is more bad. I make a copy log for my GM, Piscator, owner of Nial. if you know Elmo, speak.] [06:35:28] [PM from Fancy: sorry :X] Finally, Elmo has just explained. Dialogue with Elmo : [06:44:02] [PM to Shayli: who is elmo ? name guild ? its bad personn ? pk ?] [06:44:13] [PM from Elmo: point 1: DONT HAVE THE FUCKING ONE PERK ON A BOT!] [06:44:14] [PM to Shayli: i use mine ?] [06:44:19] [Violater @ 6]: i miss maitreya :< [06:44:21] [PM from Elmo: point 2: I DONT PLAY THIS FUCKING GAME!] [06:44:21] You open the door, and the smell of death penetrates your nostrils as you descend into the darkness. [06:44:24] [shayli @ 6]: Wh [06:44:26] [shayli @ 6]: Why [06:44:35] [PM from Shayli: Elmo = in WwW] [06:44:38] [Fancy @ 6]: beyonce :/ [06:44:39] [PM from Elmo: point 3: THIS IS THE 3rd TIME IVE KILLED YOUR DUMBASS BOT] [06:44:40] [PM to Elmo: be quiet] [06:44:48] [PM to Shayli: ty Shayli] [06:44:52] [PM from Elmo: point 4: IM NOT IN A GUILD] [06:44:57] [shayli @ 6]: I make char Bemaishay ok? [06:45:01] [PM to Elmo: no MAJUS. Not need] [06:45:06] [@PK central @ 6]: Abi killed CodeXjd. [06:45:13] [PM from Elmo: point 5: YOU AND PISCATOR ARE DUMBASSES] [06:45:26] [PM from Elmo: if you dont want your fucking bot blown up DONT HAVE THE FUCKING ONE PERK!] [06:45:30] [newhope @ 6]: bye el, another no sleep night and time to coledge [06:45:35] [PM to Elmo: why ? i dont know you. Never speak with you] [06:45:39] [PM from Elmo: if it does get blown to pieces like it did] [06:45:47] [PM from Elmo: GET RID OF THE ONE PERK] [06:45:48] [CherUT @ 6]: G'night NH [06:45:54] [PM from Elmo: it has had it for over a year] [06:45:58] [agnieszka @ 6]: gnight! [06:45:58] [PM to Elmo: never bussiness with you. Why you make a this act ??] [06:45:58] [@PK central @ 6]: SavannahJade killed rinGO. [06:46:05] [PM to Elmo: what your problem ?] [06:46:09] To Zirakinbar [06:46:09] [PM from Elmo: YOU HAVE THE ONE PERK!] [06:46:14] [rinGO @ 6]: [06:46:14] [PM from Elmo: i have no problem with you] [06:46:19] [PM from Elmo: your bot has the one perk] [06:46:22] [PM from Elmo: fair game] [06:46:29] [PM to Elmo: Nial have this perk. And ? its a trade bot. not a guard bot] [06:46:30] [PM from Elmo: tough shit stop being a whiny bitch] [06:46:38] [PM from Elmo: does it look like i give a fuck?] [06:46:43] [PM to Elmo: bot for cave, for make steel bar] [06:46:54] [PM from Elmo: bot for make death] [06:47:17] [PM to Elmo: its a stupid act. Bot for trade very utile for this game] [06:47:24] [PM from Elmo: dont take it out on a fucking guild because your being a whiny bitch eather] [06:47:32] [PM from Elmo: they dont even use your stupid bot] [06:47:34] [PM to Elmo: and a bot need work, very lot work] [06:47:48] [PM to Elmo: when you kill a bot, you kill work of other personn] [06:47:50] [PM from Elmo: well it needs some more] [06:47:54] [PM to Elmo: its not fun] [06:47:57] [PM to Elmo: really] [06:48:03] [PM from Elmo: well work on getting the one perk removed] [06:48:07] [PM to Elmo: you destroy the game for other] [06:48:14] [PM from Elmo: good ive made a few people quit arleady] [06:48:17] [PM from Elmo: ive quit myself] [06:48:22] [PM from Elmo: you should do the same ] [06:48:27] [PM to Elmo: the first owner of nial quit the game when nial dead] [06:48:31] [PM to Elmo: its bad] [06:48:34] [PM from Elmo: <3s i know] [06:48:44] [PM from Elmo: there is an easy fix] [06:48:50] [PM to Elmo: really... not good thing when people quit game] [06:48:51] [PM from Elmo: but you are to dumb to do it] [06:48:55] [@PK central @ 6]: SavannahJade killed xBarackOdramAx. [06:49:03] [PM from Elmo: lol this game sucks i dont care] [06:49:03] [PM to Elmo: not good for this game] [06:49:09] Welcome to Zirakgunda, the underground city of the Dwarves. [06:49:13] [PM from Elmo: this game is in the shit hole already] [06:49:28] [PM to Elmo: but if you dont like this game, go in other] [06:49:36] [PM to Elmo: you more happy] [06:49:43] [PM from Elmo: i am in another but i think it is fun to blow up bots in this game ] [06:49:46] [PM to Elmo: happy its best for you] [06:49:54] [PM from Elmo: i am more happy.. but i enjoy bombing bots] [06:49:59] [PM from Elmo: if you dont remove it ill do it again] [06:50:10] [PM from Elmo: i dont care if i dont play you fuck with my old guild you fuck with me] [06:50:13] [PM to Elmo: but see now. You lose very lot gc] [06:50:16] [PM from Elmo: no i dont] [06:50:17] [PM to Elmo: and for what ?] [06:50:20] [PM to Elmo: for nothing] [06:50:31] [PM from Elmo: the satisfaction] [06:50:32] [PM to Elmo: now you have a big problem] [06:50:43] [PM to Elmo: satisfaction for destruction ??] [06:50:45] [PM from Elmo: yes] [06:50:45] [MCshaker @ 6]: Buying Col 81kgc pm me pls [06:50:50] [shayli @ 6]: Bann [06:50:50] [PM to Elmo: its stupid] [06:50:57] [PM from Elmo: i made bombs for a living in this game] [06:50:58] [MCshaker @ 6]: ups [06:51:01] [PM from Elmo: i have 1k rc mines...] [06:51:04] [PM from Elmo: i dont play] [06:51:07] [PM to Elmo: you very young ? children ?] [06:51:07] [PM from Elmo: im not wasting money] [06:51:09] [PM from Elmo: lol] [06:51:23] [Rabbit @ 6]: XD [06:51:25] [PM to Elmo: how old ?] [06:51:29] [MCshaker @ 3]: Buying Col 81kgc pm me pls [06:51:29] [PM from Elmo: ok ive said what i wanted to say.. get rid of the perk or ill do it again and you wont know when.. 25] [06:51:42] [PM to Elmo: 15 or 16 year ?] [06:51:53] [PM from Elmo: i just said it you dumb fuckl] [06:51:53] [PM to Elmo: really i dont understand you] [06:52:00] [MCshaker @ 6]: sorry XD [06:52:11] [PM to Elmo: Vous faites de la peine aux gens et de façon gratuite] [06:52:29] [PM from Elmo: je ne parle pas tres bein] [06:53:08] [PM to Elmo: Piscator is my gm and good friend] [06:53:14] [PM to Elmo: i send him a message] [06:53:22] [PM to Elmo: now he make this choice] [06:53:27] [PM from Elmo: i know and he owns the bot] [06:53:31] [PM from Elmo: do you think i give a fuck?] [06:53:33] [PM to Elmo: for me, Elmo and all your guild] [06:53:38] [PM from Elmo: im not in a guild] [06:53:42] [PM from Elmo: i dont play the game] [06:53:45] [PM to Elmo: black list of miri] [06:53:50] [PM to Elmo: no importance] [06:53:54] [PM from Elmo: im sure they care a lot to] [06:54:01] [PM to Elmo: its symbolic act] [06:54:13] [PM from Elmo: lol so are bombs] [06:54:14] [PM to Elmo: i am not a warrior] [06:54:19] [PM from Elmo: im not either] [06:54:23] [PM from Elmo: im an engineer] [06:54:44] [PM to Elmo: [PM from Shayli: Elmo = in WwW]] [06:54:53] [PM to Elmo: you quit this guild, i suppose] [06:54:56] [PM to Elmo: not importance] [06:54:58] [PM from Elmo: yeh lol] [06:55:04] [PM to Elmo: all this guild in black list] [06:55:16] [PM from Elmo: ok i dont even think it exsists anymore lol] [06:55:16] [PM to Elmo: i suppose is yours friends.] [06:55:26] [PM from Elmo: go for it babe] [06:55:42] [PM to Elmo: I am so sorry for you] [06:55:47] [PM from Elmo: im not] [06:55:49] [PM to Elmo: you not happy in your life] Elmo quit END