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  1. Titanium Shield of Life Drain

    Closed Shield is sold!
  2. Post or pm Silvermane in game with bids. Starting price 400K 10k increments
  3. Animal Removal Stone

    One animal removal stone Price is 750k pm me (Silvermane) in game, first come first serve SOLD!
  4. Animal Removal Stone

    Auction Over
  5. Animal Removal Stone

    1 Animal Removal Stone Starting bid : 800k Buy now : 900k increments 10k Auction ends Wednesday 8:00 PM EST PM Silvermane if privacy required.
  6. Vegetal Removal Stone Auction

    Auction is over.
  7. Price starts at 500k, increments by 10k. Buy it instantly for 600k. Auction end Monday 10:00 PM EST.
  8. Magic Removal Stone for Sale

    Auction is over. The winning bid was private for 520k.
  9. Bidding starts at 480k. Increment bids by 10k plz. Auction Ends Sunday March 14 at 7:00 PM EST (12:00 PM GMT)