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  1. A Nice Bagjumper...?

    No. It would be bag jumping.
  2. Stuck In The '90s

    That's Teen Spirit, hun.
  3. Where do you get your signature from?

    Verse Three (Or is it four?) of an Alanis Morissette song called "The Couch."
  4. Rostogal

    I didn't vote. I don't think the idea is good or happy.
  5. Funny log.

    Wow that was sooooo funny. <_<
  6. Ultima Online

    This mean you won't be giving it a shot yourself? 620 MB for half-assed graphics will murder my hard drive. Sorry.
  7. Ultima Online

    I'm sure you'll all be sorely missed.
  8. Another try at getting the market right

    You wanna fix the market? Implement high powered automatic machine guns and liscenses to kill.
  9. Just for fun......

    I have the 22nd most popular female name. x.x Edit: Trying having the Estonian word for Fish as your name. Edit 2: You sound like the hunting fathers. Edit 3: I'm naming my children Wiccan and Buddhist to prove that religious titles do not work for names (Christian x.x). Edit 4: Typoes. Edit 5: lmao Five edits. Edit 6: Because I can.
  10. Hey Check This out

    And you have to refer 5 people... Make up names ^^ Edit: Aww I can't be flooded with spam because they don't use mailboxes in Ruidoso. Too bad.
  11. Alchemists treated poorly?

    Harvesting, SKA.
  12. Cloaks

    Contradict me, why don't you?
  13. Alchemists on Strike!

    Fight the power!
  14. Just a warning

    If you reset in a dangerous area, and you're using the MM cape, be sure to take off the cape and then put it back on after resetting, because you'll lose the cape's effects.
  15. Cloaks

    I was wearing an excavator cape to the silver ore to make health essences. I was going to reset there and mine for experience (I forgot I need nexuses <_< ). When I #reset, the cloak stopped mining two at a time. I thought at first that siver ore had been lightened, but Daxon was sure I was only mining one at a time. Sure enough, I was. I think it happened because I reset, so the perk was erased and the client didn't "read" that I had a cloak because I reset my perks. This was only trivial because I could have easily been wearing an MM cape to SKF or something and lost 15k worth of material. Is this a bug, or is this supposed to happen?