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  1. Boom!

    may i join? my bombers name is bigbunnybomber :lol:
  2. Eternal Wolves

    not my guild anymore gave it away and nows it renamed sumthing else
  3. Buying Iron Cuisses And Greaves

    Nevermind just Brought Some Cuisses And Greaves
  4. I Need A Guild

    Lol Rebootedrock likes changing the tag when hes bored... <_<
  5. I Need A Guild

    Well you could join The Eternal Wolves we are currently accepting anyone but soon that might change
  6. Buying Iron Cuisses And Greaves

    um 1k? and the rest of the stufff for iron cuisses?
  7. Buying Iron Cuisses And Greaves

    i could swap my tit long bp cape conj cape and exc cape for iron cuisses and 9k for iron greaves Pm me ingame or post on fourms if you are willing to swap
  8. Eternal Wolves

    I have Remade Eternal Wolves (Teach's Old guild) Everyone is allowed to join for now...but will be invite only soon.
  9. Selling General Axe Construction

    lol i see... i only read page 1..
  10. Selling General Axe Construction

    42k opps aitrus posted 60k before i posted
  11. Hey.

    hey hey welcome back
  12. Thankyou

    Thankyou aswell..for making havesting alot faster!
  13. Cant Seem To Download The Game

    ok thx i can download now
  14. Cant Seem To Download The Game

    can anyone help me i cant seem to download the game when i click open or save when that window pops up nothing happens.. i think this is happening when i download other stuff too
  15. Char Gone ?

    has anyone been in your account? they probaly typed #killme yes and sorry i dont think you can get it back