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  1. Leather helms vs ti short or other

    u may like to look at the date of the previous post
  2. Selling Storage

    23k 23.5Kgcs 24k #EDIT: and remember these are EXTRA shiny gold coins
  3. Selling Storage

  4. Selling Storage

    12,5k 13k shiny gold coins 15k 15.1k 15.5K 14.555gc 2x 16k 16.5k
  5. Selling Storage

    12,5k 13k shiny gold coins 15k 15.1k 15.5K 15.555gc 2x
  6. Selling Storage

    12,5k 13k shiny gold coins 15k 15.1k
  7. Selling Storage

    12,5k 13k shiny gold coins Conjurer Cloak - 2.5k EXTRA shiny gold coins
  8. name change plz

  9. name change plz

    Could i plz hav my name changed from ZLAGERED to zlagered? ty
  10. can't find server

    yay! im back on
  11. can't find server

    yea maybe, its still not back up for me though, but i just found a topic in general chat about this problem, seems its happening to many people not just me
  12. can't find server

    hi, My EL client loads up then says it cannot find server, my internet is working fine so i don't know what the problem is. i was just playing, then i watched a little youtube, clicked back on EL tab and it had disconnected from the server, i pressed a button and it couldn't find server, i closed and opened up the game 3 times and it still couldn't find it, then i turn my comp off then on again and it still cant find it, this was 1min ago, plz help ty in advance
  13. Luci's power lvl'ing guide

    Ok, I've found it http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...26&hl=charm It's the #8 post. The topic was not started as a guide that's why it was not in the combat forum. ty
  14. Luci's power lvl'ing guide

    Hi i just got my computer back, I do know about the attrib cap as stated "ofc now with the attrib cap it won't be as easy" i forgot to note about ts, and this guide was not intended to be completed in a day. ts and attribs that are beyond the cap of 48 are in the guide because this was made before the cap was introduced (well before ts effect was removed). I can't answer many questions about this guide as I'm am not the creator. any more questions should be asked to LuciferX I will try and find the original post, there is more discussion about it there and they may answer any questions. ty
  15. Luci's power lvl'ing guide

    This is in a general chat topic which is not the place anyone would look for a combat guide, so with the authors (LuciferX) permission i'm posting it here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You want to know the secret to power levelling? Since levelling fast seems to be the latest trend I will help you and the rest of the community if you dont know one of the methods people are curently using.. I will tell you how Mufossa and I got our lil n00bs to 35/35 a/d for pk in n00b arena in only 1 day. The key is to Create an environment where you do no damage to the monster you fight and it never lands a hit on you - This causes MAXIXUM experience possible per hour because you never wait for respawn and you just get exp nonstop (aside from flees). Reset your char and take just enough Vitality that the monster can't hurt you much and then every single remaining pickpoint you get goes to instinct. This way the monster cant hit you and you get nonstop def exp. at first you wont get attack exp nearly as oftern as defense since your using instinct instead of coordination. Thats fine... be patient as u level atk u will land more hits or if u et too eager i guess its on to add 10 or 20 to coord but try to keep it all vit/instinct. If you make it to 40/80 vit/instinct u will take ur char very far very fast. NEVER add physique. All physique does is kill your monster faster. The more physique u add the more damage you will do and the sooner you will be waiting for a respawn. This is a VERY cheap way to level if done right you can get healed enough from eating fruit that you never need to spend money on training. Just add that vitality until it doesnt hurt no more and then instinct all the way. When your too strong for a monster and not strong enough yet for the next one (like going from goblin to gargoyle) dont get eager and add coord... you still get more exp per hour with lower #s from goblin... true sight makes this a easier transition though we did not have that what i first used this method. I tested the other day true sighted to level 15 attack and i ripped apart a troll If you need GC and you have no nexus you scan still sell Fire Essence, and u can harvest coal too to sell. You shouldnt need much gc tho fruit should cover your health and heals if you have enough vitality.. When you feel your ready for PK reset again and do all phys/coord and then go after all the ppl that laug at you with your 20 health bar killing ogres Reset is a lot easier to recover if you reset at high level with a friend of similar levels and you both pvp together. LuciferX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I followed this guide on an alt and it is great lvl'ing, i got 21/26 a/d in 2 or 3 hours! Things to note: there will be a big difference between att and def, doesn't work so well at a fairly high a/d (about 70 or more its get hard) but theres always reset and that could be fixed if at that stage u add a little phys/coord (not sure though) It's a great guide ofc now with the attrib cap it won't be as easy so its best for lower lvl's or people sick of bieng stuck on the same a/d only very slowly lvl'ing and who don't necessarily want to be the best pk'ers in the game. ofc it's still good for pk if u reset and go with p/c