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  1. Ussripik

    Thank you very much and respect!!!!!!!!
  2. Ussripik

    I Promise i respect rules now!! I do not do anything nasty or somthing like that. Really please let me play the game again with my account i´ll destroy other accounts.
  3. Ussripik

    okey lets make a trial period about 2 weeks for example so me and my firends zaakal and legendmustas prove our selves to you after trial period is over you could unban us and we follow rules and it wont never happen again , if you agree with that then please contact or something if other idea how we can prove our selves then contact to we realy want play fair game and follow rules
  4. Ussripik

    i know i breaked rule 5# but i would like to know how much time i must wait more to unlock my ban ? i have waited one month allready.So , my friend was at my place with him laptop and we shared same internet please tell me how it is multyplay issue ???my firend zaakal want contact you but he cant write in topics some how ..., how long he must have to wait and please tell us what we must do for unlocking . NB! we undrestand what we did and we dont want to cheat PLEASE'!!!!!!
  5. Ussripik

    OMG i dont play with 2 characters with same time, My m8 is next to me with her own pc. He play and i play 2 different PC how the hell i play multy? Can i send a picture for u,then u can see how we play with friends? ?? I have no idea how to explain taht for u. if this is a problem i quit with this game... Sry
  6. Ussripik

    Could you unban me now please. I want to play again! I
  7. Ussripik

    okay i have readed them now! my english is bad but i know something more alot of more ! but, do i must w8 at least 1 month now to unlock this char ? ussripik
  8. Ussripik

    Okay thats the problem..:S I played with my friend togheter in my pc :S:S:S:S thats why my account is locked? what i must to do that i get back my char. And my friend is too banned because he played with me in my pc :S how we can unlock our chars we really dont want brake rules .. Her name is : legendmustas
  9. Ussripik

    Hey! i am not sure but i think i know why my account is locked. If i remember correctly i was logged in in my pc and i went to friend, he wanted to see my char and some places, so i logged in in her pc and i did not remembered that i was logged in in my home too!!:S IS that the problem i want to play again !:S How can i unlock my account? SRY ABOUT MY BAD ENGLISH !!!