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  1. God Please save PK - Summoning Only

    Summonig level is currently increased by making bear, spider and tiger stones. They can still be sold at NPC for a good price. To prevent people from summoning heaps of rats or rabbits it would be good to keep summoning in combat limited to the stones. Maybe add a few more stones, but no need to change the whole combat system.
  2. God Please save PK - Summoning Only

    - Allow summoning during combat: Summoning during combat is allowed by using stones. I Think this system is good, but its not ok that everyone can do this. Why should everyone without animal nexus or high summoning skill be abel to summon Giants or any other high creatures? This is summoning business and should only be possible for Summoners.... i think thats what the skill is meant for. For this reason its a good idea to add a min. Level requirement on summoning stones. This change would make the summoning level more important in pk. I would also suggest to add a min. Animal nexus requirement on the stones, this would make sure, that only the best skilled summoners are able to summon the strongest creatures during combat. Summon a zoo: Easy solution: Not allow to summon more than 3 creatures at the same time. High Level Stones rarely get used because they are too expensiv for what they do. No need to change the formular just let them summon more than one creature and they will be used more often. Here is my suggestion for using stones in combat: Giant Spider Stone:Level req.30, Animal req.2 Armed Orc Stone: Level req.35, Animal req.2 Bear Stone : Level req. 40, Animal req.3 Tiger Stone: Level req. 45, Animal req.3 Phantom Stone: Level req. 50, Animal req.4 ---> 3 Pantoms Fluffy Stone: Level req.55, Animal req.4 ---> 3 Fluffies Sslessar Stone: Level req.60, Animal req.5 ---> 3 SSlessar Yeti Stone: Level req.65, Animal req.5 ---> 3 Yetis ACW Stone: Level req.75, Animal req.6 ---> 3 Acw Giant Stone: Level req.80, Animal req.6 ---> 2 Giants I dont think this is overpowerd. It needs high requirements and its still very expensive to spam high level stones in combat. (still suggest not more than 3 creatures allowed at the same time) Of course you get an advantage compared to lower levels but thats the reason to level a skill... to get an advantage. Adding more stones would make a quick bar like magic unnecessary. I think these changes would make pk for summoners much more attractiv because only they can act like summoners now and not everybody else who just buys a stone.
  3. Mines bombs how to avoid etc

    (you can click 4-5 mines in like 1-2 secs... just use right hands and right phingers on right buttons... test that before talking) Yes you can and that was meant by saying "most ridiculous pair of items" and "there should be a cooldown". Sonic and Mangopie are right.
  4. Mines bombs how to avoid etc

    (lets say rc mine on ctrl+1 and rc deto on ctrl+2 so you hit ctrl+1 ctrl+2 ctrl+1 ctrl+2 fast as you can...) I had to smile while reading this...indeed there should be a few seconds cooldown.
  5. EL videos

    Changed a few things in the first video And for all people who like invasion: Bethel invasion starting now! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bjv2RHEHELA
  6. EL videos

  7. Retiring from Neno hunt 'thanks' to Morath

    I totally argee with Maxine. From my point of view Morath does those things only to annoy the community... nothing else. This destroys the fun of many people who spend their spare time on the game. Such a behavior makes people leave the game or in this case retire from Neno hunt which cost radu a lot of work to implement. It seems like this is what Morath makes happy and not the thrill of bagjumping. Even if Morath sticks to the game rules this time, I will retire from Neno hunt too.
  8. awesome Germans !

  9. My little guild farm

    No, let the animals grow
  10. My little guild farm

    Hehe very interesting I like this idea but that animal should not be able to die. Let it start at 100% size and grow up to 200%, or if it gets not enough food down to 50%. Once the creature reached 200% it gets a baby with 50% size and so on...(maybe up to max. 10) I would suggest every 3 game days +/- 1 % size-change depending on whether or not it got food.
  11. New stones

    Is there already a team collecting ingredients for the stone? If so i will donate 2 EDEs.
  12. IRON Hide & Seek Part two

    Thank you very much for hosting this brilliant contest !!!
  13. Giant Rat

    Yes, the MB was way too strong because there are only a few players in the game who can handle it on a single combat map. It took sometimes hours to take the MB out. But a Sslessar? 300Hps around 100s A/D? Spawns max. once or twice a week? Of course this would not be a nice event and they are not easy to kill with leather gloves, but wasnt it the original idea of this event? I think a Sslessar would best answer the original purpose. Otherwise there is no need to let the GIWS announce it in main channel.
  14. Giant Rat

    I agree with Raytray. The normal rat should be changed into something else. My suggestion is to replace the rat with a Sslessar. They are not too easy and not too hard to kill. And im sure they live down there in the sewers.
  15. Auction: Start : 20k Bin: 40k Ingame: _ScareGlow_