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  1. PK Goddess of EL

    Thank you TigerClaw for highlighting some formidable PK ladies. As your first post points out, each of the contenders has her own style and comes fully armed with skills and attitude. Kudos to the whole group! A special nod to both CherUT and Tyrannis, you two are clearly the front runners. While you are very different about how you play, you're both fierce, both competitive, both very good role models for those of us n00b-chicks who aspire to PK one of these days. Keep up the great work everyone and remember: PK would not be any fun at all without worthy opponents. Cheers to worthy opponents!
  2. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    I've been working hard on figuring out the riddle for bag #3. but I have to leave town for the day, so no more searching for me but I really want someone to find it. An unfound hyperbag is a sad thing. I hope you can use my thoughts as a jumping off point to solve the rest of the riddle. bag #3 Tink, tink tink, all gather for precious stones Joyous singing and stomping boots over head Following the path that she fled. I believe the first two lines describe the EVTR mines under the tavern. Line 3 is the tricky one, "Following the path that she fled". I'm having trouble figuring out who SHE is and what PATH means. It could be a literal path, or a figurative path, like a profession. She could be a person, maybe one of the NPCs in the map? I also thought maybe it could be the ship that has run aground. Ships are referred to as female. There's also a girl statue in the shrine... I spent quite a bit of time and more than a few keys on this one and didn't find it. Good luck to everyone hunting and I look forward to hearing the solution. Merry Christmas! Jen
  3. Punwickle and his amazingly Spectacular Cloak

    #4 hyperbag in Portland
  4. bot owners...

    Please add me to the list. I have the same in-game-name (Jenfy) and operate the trade-bot Manfa.
  5. Halloween 09

    I found the hyperbag in the first picture. It was in the White Stone undergrounds, past the first hobgoblin, over the hillock, and beside the big spiderweb with the sword. Thanks for the event :-)