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  1. You can buy an account on pk for a main rosto btw, see: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52398
  2. Buying/Selling

    Buying: Essences (price in gc/essence): Life 5 Matter 9 Energy 8 Air 8 Death 9 Tit long: 3000gc each Tit greaves/cuisses Bones: 0,5gc Selling: 2 binding stones for 70000gc each 5 coord removals for 25000gc each 1 FR removal for 15000gc pm me in game (LewisCarroll) Edit: updated
  3. Game ethics

    If u had better options for punishing players that act against your moral codex u could settle problems in game (e.g. by pking those players) instead of discussing on the forums. What i m trying to say is that: Im not against this discussions but u have to face the fact that the people playing this game are just the same kind of people that live in the real world. And what do u do in rl if someone behaves badly? You react appropriately. On main your options are severely limited. Therefore malbehaving players do not have to fear reactions. However on the pk-server the situation is more realistic with higher ethical demands. btw this also explains why there is such a low population and so "little" pk on the pk-server since as long as there are to few bad boys the malbehaviour is a costly strategy. The frustrated single bad boys leave and voila the great surprise: almost no pking between the people that have no reason to pk each other. Then the "good" ones have no one to fight and leave as well. (I guess once a certain population is reached the pk-server will be much more atttractive than main to adult (as regards reasoning) players.) Hm. One would think i was trying to make a point here. Maybe it is just the wellknown "Join our server please! Will you?" from a frustrated pk-player, but maybe... Oh too bad g2g now but im really looking forward to the flaming Edit: Forgot something: The first person to get my point and posting it gets as price a pk-server char with 10kgc and some equipment for a better start
  4. Selling bindings

    Selling 2 bindings. pm me in game (LewisCarroll)
  5. Invasion Thread

    Legionaire orcs in votd temple.
  6. Invasion Thread

    Just some info about the current invasion (5/19) Penguins in dp and irinveron + stronger monsters said to be in c2 caves somewhere. P.S. We should use this thread more often
  7. Please help me out here: There are pk-areas on main, where you can pk within main-setting. (cooldown, free accounts, fast "buy-a-strong-char"-leveling and yes, also many players). Why have an extra server for this? (especially when you have to delete the alternative setting given on the pkserver) Why make the server just something like a separated main-pk-area? + Why don't all people that quit come back at once? That would mean enough players (and pking since many of those are obviously people wanting to pk badly) AND since there would be a majority of those people, I'm sure the setting could be adjusted democratically (we had things like this before). So: Fix a week or day and come back
  8. Consider this The setting: - No cooldown - a/d capped at 100 (still get oa exp after this) - legal multi - 90 % pk-areas (not within city-walls…) - No harvesting mini events - no exp from PvP - NPCs Horea and Crisam excluded - rosto, vial mold, arrow head mold, albemic 1$ - 20 Inv.meter 10 $ - one bot per guild (Did I forget something?) Arguments for playing on the server mainly derive from the points mentioned above. The community is special I guess – Some say in a good way, some say in a bad way. Fact is: - There is a very limited playerbase by now (between 1 and 24 chars on simultaneously – that’s what I have seen. But that means less players since estimated average number of chars used is 2) - You can level very fast compared to main -> no cooldown, free training spots - There is not very much pking going on by now. This can a plus for new players. On the other hand many people think there’s too little pking going on and leave. So I would say: If you want a server to fight and kill as much other players as possible this is probably the wrong server for you (you might try to level up and pk and do anything you want though). (see the arguments in this thread) If you think the setting is better than on main (e.g. because people are free to decide when to pk, which btw. might result in a state of not attacking everyone in sight ), then come over and support the server by playing it.
  9. @Korrode: Sorry dont meant to be rude above. Well considering it's name and considering like 90% of it is PK areas, i'd think it's a server where you'd expect to be spending most of your time PK'ing. Well that's what I meant: Its just a server named "Pk-Server" and with like 90% PK areas. That does not mean it is a server where you spend most of your time PK'ing. ...and the point of that would be? what? split the 'normal' (not necessarily PK oriented) playerbase (that's already not huge) across 2 servers? Again you misunderstood me here: There just might be people that like the Pk-Server setting better. E.g. I came for the possibility to pk everywhere - not for actual pk-ing or mixing with no cooldown
  10. oops - did I just post this again
  11. Pk-Server is fine as it is now. That is not the problem. The problem is that people seem not to understand what the Pk-Server actually is. There just wont be pking like on main. Its no surprise people are disappointed if they come over to the Pk-server just to pk, not to play EL with a different setting. Maybe it would help to see the Pk-Server as a quite similiar but still different game. Maybe best thing to do is a name-change (sounds lame but some might need this to get things right)+ perhaps a bigger button on the EL site. (And I'm not getting tired to promote this: install an Info-bot on main, to give info or to work as a inter-server-pk-central-thing)
  12. Who the hell are you?

    wb piggy and welcome daiske!
  13. putting cool down back on pots and rings on pots and rings

    I think with cooldown we could forget about the copy-option since the pk-server then offered pretty much everyting people demand -> No more excuses for whiny guys. Perhaps that would be best to do since it would be much less problematic than the copy-option.
  14. Main Server 2.0

    Just wanted to highlight this ^^: A simple and reasonable solution to a lot of discussions. If you want e.g. no mini events or more pk-ing then invest something (like building a new char on PK). We have two servers - You just have to choose (You don't even really have to since you can play both )
  15. Final Vote: Main->PK Char Copy Proposal

    LewisCarroll = no Edit: Changed my mind due convincing arguments against it esp. by proh, dugur, entropy (see various threads )