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  1. My astro

    Suggestion seems ok but the EFE/EME bit to make them is silly. EME/EFE are already widely used enough, use another enriched item or random item that has value but isn't used in most things.
  2. The Great Split

    Sigh, more self righteous bullshit from the same self righteous people. Here's a thought, instead of worrying over in game people why don't you people go back to your hobby of fighting over who's religion is the best etc. Try to remember it's just a game.
  3. Why is Augmented Armor So-Pr0 ?

    and to extend on that you'd have to compare your attributes, if they had astro etc. I don't see how godless could have any influence whatsoever on the combat rolls you'd get from said mob..
  4. STR8Jacket of *CO*

    Block IG, end of. No need to bring your silly drama to disputes.
  5. tehfreshhkid is scammer

    I guess, if you'd remembered to take your Ritalin this morning, its possible you might have then spotted all the other posts noticing the unusual correlation between incidents of scamming and the members of your guild. But seeing as your poor little eyes seemed to have been glazed over up until you spotted my name, let me help you understand why it's "always about Pkg". It's simply that, whilst no one likes a scammer, they like a guild that protects them a damn sight less. So, notwithstanding the miracle of you astounding us all with a robust and coherent defense of your Guild's position in relation to the original topic of this thread, maybe you can do all us all a favor and come up with a macro that automatically updates any changes in your guild's membership directly into a bot ban list. Failing that, now might be a good time to crawl back under your nice damp stone. Kinda off-topic... but you wouldn't happen to be related to tiruncollimdus would you?
  6. Thinking about giving EL a shot

    This game isn't for you. Let me clarify this quote a little. In WoW, it takes about that long to get to level 70. Basically, there's no interaction between players until level 80. What I am talking about is accomplishing something, anything. Whether it be a level, crafting an item, finishing a quest. In WoW (until the new expansion I suspect), the world is a barren wasteland until you get to where the level 70+ are. You don't feel like you've accomplished anything until you get to that point. What I am looking for is a game that I can sit down and play for an hour, or 6 hours and say "Hey! At least I got X done.". Hmm, I've 4 80s myself and leveling up does take it's time, but compared to leveling to "end-game" (combat wise) in EL you'll be spending years instead of months. You'll enjoy EL if you aren't too into PvP as the mixing system is pretty laid back and you can harvest while doing household chores or whatever irl.. however if you are big on PvP then EL won't do you any favours, the combat* system is undesirable.
  7. getting very low fps :(

    90% sure that's what's wrong.
  8. ideas on changes to draw more people

    It's not because the PK server is hard, or the PKers there are anything to worry about(lol) it's because it's incredibly boring to play an essentially "dead" server let alone level a character to 100s... and even if you do get motivated and get there there's shit all going on. 10 or so *active players with not only c1 but c2 to hide on.. it's ridiculous to think anyone would train up a PK character when there's no reward once you have and even then when I played the small populus there was, was making alliances lol. Like Korrode said, PK server needs mass changes to get any decent or competitive PKer's interested.
  9. EL and rl $

    youre numbers are WAY WAY WAY off, i think i would know best i counted about 10 when i read this and didnt bother to count anymore but there are more like 20 Semi Off-Topic: A gold farmer is someone who constantly farms and sells gc ALL the time not every now and then. (e.g. Marro; newhope sold items for $ occasionally, but he was not a farmer) Now from what I've seen of the market over the years and how it currently is, I can safely say there is only 1-5 gold FARMERS left. Although I could be wrong as all my information comes from public whereas yours could come from in-game. (I don't play "often") On-Topic: Fully agree with what Korrode said.
  10. EL and rl $

    just fyi, there's like 1-2 gold farmers left. anyone who's selling characters or gold atm are people leaving the game.
  11. So let me get this straight. You want to make pk maps safe so you all can chat with more non-pking people? omfg PK is dead again!!!!11 again? lol it's been dead for years Well now we know why! Why do you think PK is dead? I know too well why PK is dead, although the changes needed to fix it will never happen However, this suggestion could get a increased populus interested in PK and maybe combat changes can be made with more people aware of how terrible armor->attr->weapon ratio is.
  12. So let me get this straight. You want to make pk maps safe so you all can chat with more non-pking people? omfg PK is dead again!!!!11 again? lol it's been dead for years
  13. I disagree. I think this is a suggestion has great potential, some people just like to watch and not participate. Besides, it would be great for non-PKers to experience what actually goes on in a PK map. However, as Raz explained it's open to abuse, so fine tune it. Everything in game is abusable some way or another so refusing this idea because it can be abused is absurd. Some things that could be fine tuned are, but not limited to: - Not allowed to have anything in inventory or equipped except for the cape itself. - Can't stand on nor pickup bags (idk if this is implementable, which is probably isn't..) - etc. Would also be a perfect comment to get EL some more exposure on Youtube or other video streaming sites getting a view of the PK from a by-stander POV rather than the actual player. (which imo is always too confined). An example of this would be Hellraizer's EL PK video with God Mode.. (epic music) (pretty sure there's a longer version on google video around 20 or so minutes, but can't find it atm). Great suggestion.
  14. Smurf for Mod!

  15. Yeti spawns

    i remember ent saying something along the lines "it's not my problem you ppl train like maniacs" we already have attribute caps to make pk more even agree The armor<->toughness ratio that resulted from the cap, pp buying and what else has made PvE/PvP in EL a joke. IMO attributes should be changed to correspond correctly with the current weapons, armors and PvE along with the removal of pp buying and or cap.
  16. Small survey about EL and EL shop

    - 17 - Australia - Working - I started playing EL years ago at a friends place, so was the first PC game I ever played. 1. The most important reason you play EL? I played because EL was entertaining, and with all the different cultures in the game it was always fun to chat with someone who's foreign to you 2. Is there any other reasons you play? Used to play for PK but it's not appealing anymore. 3. How did you find the game? I saw a mate playing it and got interested. 4. How often do you play? An hour or so every few months. 5. Have you tried any other MMORPG's and do you still play them? Why have you stayed in EL? I tried WoW after EL and I'm still currently playing it. 6. Have you ever bought from EL shop? Spent over 100$ easy in name changes/p2p/colour changes
  17. Eternal-Lands first look

    I can't believe people are defending this idiot, you can see quite clearly from radu's email conversation with him he's an arrogant dumbass with the comprehension skills of Kindergartner. As you can see, radu didn't state that EL had better graphics than Perfect World and furthermore radu's graphic points were in the fourth statement. inb4 "Sucking up to mods/devs etc", I log into EL once every 3-4 months and I'm more than sure the mods/devs know exactly where I stand on EL gameplay and progression.
  18. Eternal-Lands first look

    That guy obviously has magnificent reading skills.
  19. Beware Terrance PKG

    Dude.. the guy who made the topic is an attention wh!re. If he wanted to be "civilised" about it he wouldn't have carried on like a 10 yo politician. ^Said the US government about invading Iraq.
  20. Beware Terrance PKG

    No, a bag doesn't specifically contain resources therefore it cannot be deemed as a resource. Once you step off a bag, it isn't yours anymore. It's a mod message that has been around for eons yet the common morality people expect from you is that you don't take what is "theirs".
  21. Eternal-Lands first look

    Even getting stupid players would be a start, the populous is too small and maybe a "dumbing down" is what it really needs. I mean, "20 or so maps" with 1-15 people on them when some of them are quite large maps isn't really exciting. And let's be honest, from a PKer perspective (yes I went there) some of the people that were in PK every day were as dumb as a door knob, but they still stimulated the economy, they made players have fun etc. The only time I found EL really any exciting, was the mass PvP you got in KF once every blue moon. I don't know about you but I don't think it's fun grinding away at the same mob for hours, or spending hours in front of an ore, or sitting in a storage for hours clicking to mix something. No game that I know of, requires you to spend weeks or months grinding the one mob to move to the next.
  22. noser scam

    wasn't noser like color or something?
  23. Beware Terrance PKG

    Idiot.. you just reported yourself for breaking the rules. Terrance stayed well within the rules whilst you blocked resources. Also, pretty sure "[14:29:43] Delight: help us block him please!" is Troublemaking.. All in all, good laugh.
  24. EL Urban Legends

    It was TD sto, and it was an inside joke that me a few mates started, not really an urban legend.. other jaja's just added on the hulda etc bits.
  25. SirJuan the man that never returns your gear

    I get to make his EL life hell until he does. I do know how to do that. How do you suppose you'd do such a thing? afaik, you don't pk. no matter how many people ban him from bots there are "friends" that can buy from/sell to bots if it's really necessary.