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  1. Gold membership

    I haven't voted yet. As your option doesn't work. It doesn't fix the problem, for many reasons. Which only leaves you with the option: Pay dollars for gold membership, which equals some small benefits for players. Which is find by it's self. However, you seem to want to tackle some of the underlaying problems within the game structure. Which I think is great. The problem is that you don't want to do anything unpopular, to fix those problems. (Otherwise some player bitch moan and perhaps even threaten to leave.) But if you go down the gold membership route and get used to the 'extra' income. Your going to find it ten times more difficult to fix any glaring issues with the game. As those gold members have leverage over you. (By bitching, moaning and threating to cancel gold member status.)
  2. progressive taxation

    I posted an idea like this in an economy thread. No one commented on it at all. I think it's the best thing for the game. To fix the economy, but I guess the too many people would bitch about it. So teh god doesn't do it.
  3. Death Cloak

    Death Cloak: Monster drop only. 1) 2% chance PC can kill opponent outright every hit. 1% chance opponent can kill PC every hit. 2) 10% chance to deal opponent 150 damage. 5% chance to deal yourself 150 damage. Just a crazy idea I thought up!
  4. 60-80 instance team building

    Some good info on instance there. However, does that new file need to be in the EL folder or the map folder?
  5. Just one of those days.

    Remember that you can only control things that are in your control. Remain positive and continue along the same path that has given you success thus far.
  6. Sign up for "n00b" instances

    Banditkills UK - GMT 2 - 4 hours
  7. 60-80 instance team building

    I am interested in this instance. How do these work?
  8. Consumers vs. Manuers?

    I was just wondering how you came to the conclusion that ingredients prices where too high? Do you have a blue book price list for EL?
  9. Perk/Cape to protect tools from breakage

    Good idea, hope it get considered.
  10. Tweak some positive perks

    Yeah, i understand that. But think about advanced PKer's, if they took BP perk & mirror perk for a more reasonable 'pp' price. Then they would be more deadly. As it stands now, no one is willing to spend that many pp's on those perks. As far as I know. If positive perks are not used by anyone, why do we have them in the game?
  11. Horses

    Make them more useful. Like being able to fight from Horse back, will really get these coming out more. Stable is a good idea, the costs seem a bit high. Also, you could add a new skill. Horse riding or something, to let your character be able to fight from horse back. To stop you falling off, when swing the sword, etc... Ofc Horses would then need Hit Points. But you could then allow the development of new items, such as horse armour. They did this for the knights in the middle ages. But I am wandering away from the basic idea here.
  12. Having various discussions with other players in game and in forums. I think a lot of players don't have a lot of positive perks. As they don't see them worth the "PP's" worth spending on them. I thought I would suggest a possible tweaking, so there more powerful. But not over powered. The perks stay the same, just different "PP" costs, etc... Power Saving: 1 PP + 380gc Fast Regeneration: 1 PP + 340gc (Perhaps even think of increasing the amount of healing from the current 3 per min to 5 per min.) Excavator: 3 PP's + 290gc Monster Magnetism: 3 PP's + 700gc Body Piercing: 5 PP's + 2,000gc Mirror skin: 5 PP's + 2,000gc Just some thoughts, nothing in stone.
  13. Manufacturing strike!

    Indeed you are correct Paul. That was too produce two mercury. So should be reflected in the price.
  14. Manufacturing strike!

    Air Essence: Silver Ore + unpolished diamond + white asiatic lilly. Silver ore 2-2.5gc ea, unpolished diamond 3-3.5gc ea + flower 0.5gc +food/labour Death Essence: 1 Mercury + 1 Quartz + 1 Cactus. Mercury (2 cin + EE) + quartz 2gc + cactus 0.5gc +food/labour/tool exposure to damage. (EFE tool set quite weak) Risk factor.
  15. Change: Cockatrice Feathers.

    I have potion level 73. I almost never make those two potions mentioned. As it's a real pain to try and get those furs in the numbers needed for potions. On the other hand, I haven't seen that much demand for those potions either. I do have a small stash of furs for both those potions, that I have been saving up. So a straight switch without warning would screw me. If there was an increase in demand for these potions, then you idea might have merit.