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  1. selling nmt

  2. selling nmt

    selling nmt cape for 400k pm suddensam ingame
  3. awesome Germans !

    hallo winni haltet eure ohren steif echt schade das es so endet mal schaun was die zukunft bringt werd dich vermissen ...
  4. Serping spawns

    thats all i say about[13:00:13] #GM from suddensam: so mir langts kadlub serpt mich wieder [13:00:15] KADLUB: go somewhere else [13:00:19] #GM from Dopee: lol [13:00:21] KADLUB: ure here for 6 hours [13:00:30] suddensam: and ? [13:00:57] KADLUB: and i m taking the spawn [13:00:59] suddensam: www do it 24 hours a day [13:01:13] #GM from Dopee: komm nach kusa da ist es ruhig [13:01 i trained on one fc other spawn are free also mc was free
  5. Rayla is back

    i think the most not understand this tread fd guild not speak about this little fes in bag we talk about rayla (please apologize me)... somebody say its pro bj? now what! everybody can make it 10 times a day come invisible und catch a bag that should be pro?? lol the point is rayla can not catch this bag allone he call for helper thx to tyrone for this. and skodarap what u want in this thread? you love rayla ok pm her in game about this nobody listen ur voice here......
  6. where has wWw gone!?!?

    go serping sabbath lol thats what u do good