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  1. How about if you attack using a dagger while invisible you stay invisible Bat17
  2. With Lenny loose a lot of players already stay out of C2 at night, add more random killers, unanounced, and more players will just stay out of C2, making C1 more crowded and laggy. I like the general idea, but do it either like a regular anounced invasion or make them like regular mobs so mm still works for those who don't wan't to play the game that way. Bat17
  3. does el support win 8 ?

    I run EL on Widows 8 OK, did need to update graphics after install though Bat17
  4. bots with no gc

    Also it is often the bot offering the highest price for an item that has no slots/gc available and in one case this went on long enough to make me wonder if it was an attempt at price fixing. IE. "bots are offering to pay Xgc for item Y so my offer to sell at Z gc is a good one." though the high offer bot has no intention of being able to buy, so not slots or gc available. Mentioning no names :-) Bat17
  5. Happy Earth Day!

    Hrmmm. lets buck the trend - I think it will be flowers for a pretty lady, Roses! Bat :-)
  6. Why ban Foxem

    Many thanks Aislinn :-) Bat17
  7. Why ban Foxem

    Hi, I am checking why my son foxem has been banned. His IP is blocked but he does not know why. I will be using the same address as him for the next few days as I am staying with him but have no logged in yet so there should not have been a problem from that yet. *edit I am posting this on his behalf as he has not had final approval on the forum yet Peter Bat17
  8. Forum validation requests

    Many Thanks :-) Bat17