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  1. Ban IP

    replay post........
  2. Ban IP

    Hi. I got IP ban, I not broke the rules so why I got ban?
  3. Auctioning instance booty

    40k scythe
  4. Human Removal Stone Auction

    the auction ends on Saturday by 22 of our time and add BIN: 400
  5. Human Removal Stone Auction

    private bid 360k
  6. Human Removal Stone Auction

    private bid 350k
  7. Human Removal Stone Auction

    Human Removal Stone Auction Starting bid: 350k Auction will end at 7days Don_Junior in game
  8. 1 damaged red dragon plate start bidding at 50k buy now 60k Bid Increments of 2k Please PM in game: mydara SOLD
  9. selling STOR

    2 rostogol stone = 38kgc
  10. Auctioning 206 Steel Two Edged Swords Starting bid: 206k Buy-it-now: 226k Minimal increase: 1k Bidding ends at 2 days. Raplay post her or PM in game MyDaRa SOLD
  11. Sell iron ore

    Have 20k iron for sale@3.5gc ea 70k gc for all PM in game MyDaRa or write here SOLD
  12. Auction Book

    I have book to auction: Book of Iron sword of fire - Starting bid: 3k Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Thermal - 3k Please post here or PM me (MyDaRa) in game.