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  1. Linux Client test

    Thanks for your advice I had a play around with those settings and found some values that worked well for me to make it behave more like 1.7.
  2. Linux Client test

    Did you use the data I provided? I think I did, I extracted the data zip and then ran the linux binary from within that directory. I do have 1.7 installed via a debian package though and I don't know how to tell el which set of data to use. So it may be it was using the 1.7 data if it has to be in a specific path.
  3. Linux Client test

    Also just noticed, the iron helmet doesn't appear on character when wearing it.
  4. Linux Client test

    Rotating the camera using the arrow keys seems to be very slow on this release. In 1.7 it was very nice and responsive. If rotating the camera using the 3rd mouse button it's fine, the problem is only when using keys.