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  1. MephistopheLes

    I love you NecrOFeaR <3
  2. Maltik is a bag jumper

    Wrong Topic
  3. eXe scammed

    who broded ur brod btw?
  4. eXe scammed

    I have one thing to say Starlite and Violater...LOL
  5. Polska - Poland

    LOLOL jak mogles mnie nazwac ^@^ ka albo PLka ( Foh
  6. Set sale

    Auction of a Dragon Set: Black Dragon Torso Red Dragon Cuisses Red Dragon Greaves Start Biding : 200 k BIN : 265 k Auction Ends: Today 9 PM GMT Also : Buying Cutlass
  7. Unbann.

    Translation : Hello. After a few months of me not playing Eternal Lands i started missing it and i am wondering if it's possible for me to come bacK?the link below contains all the information about my ban. I didn't play EL ever since ,but i really would like to come back http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46987 I've got couple of questions about the whole case .My character "NautiluS" could be unbanned?Do I even have any chance of coming back to the game?I've done my punishment even though i wasn't planning on coming back. So If I may,I'd like to know what conditions do I have to come back on. I can add, that i won't do anything that stupid ever again. That's all I have to say Please translate thanks PS My first translation so nono laugh at me
  8. OSoMN

    Still selling
  9. OSoMN

    I didnt get the price dat i expected so unless some1 starts biddin sword wont be for sale no more
  10. PIGs invasion on kf

  11. OSoMN

    ingame name Bretryano and post ur offers here,and HaZe lol nty@CoTM for OSoMN (Kradzieju )