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  1. TiAnna - Banned.

    when i said keep me locked I ment keep me locked for the duration of my banishment. btw you will notice that my IP has changed because I have moved to a place rather far away from Mazer and so I can once and for all prove that we are DIFFERENT people.
  2. TiAnna - Banned.

    I was under the impression that I was simply locked for a month but it seems that my character, TiAnna, is still locked.
  3. TiAnna - Banned.

    quick question here, does a 1 month lock consist of 28 days, 30 days, or until the same day on the following month?
  4. TiAnna - Banned.

    Both statements are true. I'm only ever on one character which is is true, I am only ever on TiAnna anymore. And Avantis is mine, but i stopped using her. Hell with it. Keep me locked if you wish, I'm not too concerned considering that even if you do, and you don't, believe me when i say Mazer and I are two different people, you may still keep me locked for using Avantis at all. But oh bloody well. enjoy Edit: note that i made a new character called Miko because i couldn't figure out why i couldn't get on with TiAnna. I'm off now so don't ban me just because i accidentally broke a rule
  5. TiAnna - Banned.

    Ah yes, Avantis is indeed mine, however once i realized mulling was illegal i stopped using her. And yeah, it was something for Mazer to do. He started playing because I did, and then i wanted to try and make 1mill fire essence so he decided to help. Actually it was 1mill ash, and then i decided that it wasnt worth it. He was going to go on to be a fighter when I either got tired of the fire essence thing or finished it, and, no supprise, im tired of it, so off to a fighter he'll go. But also, he did other stuff like kill rabits and other vermin of IP.
  6. TiAnna - Banned.

    Oh i know whats happening. Mazer is a friend of mine who started playing a short time ago. Problem is that we have the same IP address. Actually everyone where we live has the same bloody IP because of our ISP, TCT West. This has happened more than once because of it. We still have individual IP addresses on our computers but it never shows on anything, only TCT's IP shows up. Several of my friends and I were banned temporaraly from a forum-bassed game called Ninja Academy Online because the admin's thought we were the same people. In short, IP banning is amusing because you eliminate every computer from playing in Big Horn County Wyoming. At any rate, we are two different people, we just have a really stupid ISP
  7. TiAnna - Banned.

    0.o what? I'm only ever on one character - TiAnna. What character was I playing on at the same time without knowing it? *so confused*
  8. TiAnna - Banned.

    Umm, ok then so...why am I banned on TiAnna? To my knowledge I haven't done anything wrong.
  9. can't log in

    When i try and log onto my character TiAnna it doesnt do anything. Doesn't tell me i'm banned, or that the password is wrong, or anything.
  10. Looms

    It sucks that looms break after one use, but i actually see the logic in it. Since in a loom you have to have strings and the strings are used up with the weaving, but for the whole loom to break sucks. How about we have a wooden frame that needs to be strung. So you make, lets say, 15 thread to restring it. there could be a very slight chance that you fail so miserably that the loom breaks while your restringing it, but it should be a very very very small chance. Also, what if there were different kinds of looms? Like a very cheep one which breaks on every use like the ones we have now, but have it be 35g instead of 50. There could be a better loom that would cost 5,000g that would be like the one mentioned above. But maybe there could be a third loom that would do awesome stuff. It would be like the one above except that it would take 75 thread to restring because it would make 5 cloth in one go. It could cost 25,000g and, perhaps, have a .000001% chance of breaking.