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  1. Y im band ?

    bot tyenyvay ..
  2. Y im band ?

    if i shul read sow muts for 8 days playing .... sow nvm ....
  3. Y im band ?

    wut mean plz ovnly unban mee .... <_<
  4. Y im band ?

    plz help me .... :'( .... -.- bebe ..... i realy need too play ...
  5. Y im band ?

    ee unband or not ???
  6. Y im band ?

    ten my acc is delitet ..... and i have tray too get unban befur bot ther no 1 doo it ... then plz let mee make a new acc
  7. Y im band ?

    uy charekthos name ?? (its slasmir)
  8. Y im band ?

    can no 1 unban mee ??? plz help .... !
  9. Y im band ?

    your IP is banned, that means that you, or someon from your IP did something very nasty, so we had to block this IP addess, if you believe this ban was unjustified, or promise to respect the rules from now on, please post in the bans section of out forums (on www.etrnal-lands.com) ok ??
  10. Y im band ?

    i not know WHY IL BEE BAND.... and yes... peopel say i have make multy log in .... bot it wos a fren on another pc wet same IP ..... plz let mee play agen. ... <_< sorry im bad too speling ...
  11. Plz Help Me

    i need too play the game agen plz i be baned for ½ year agow plz help me
  12. Why I Got Banned?

    im are baned 2 for ca ½ year plz let me unband i like the game its nice plz
  13. Print Your Map?

    nice i can't ues the map ediktor LOL im not good
  14. How I Be Bane ?

    ok thx bot wher i find a admy too bane me ute ??