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  1. 7k Death ess

    pm sonny ingame
  2. New critical damage

    ive had 6 items break in like under 1hour of training,, including red helm of life mana steel long fast regen cape steel shield and some other crappy stuff ..on orges...its rediculous.. ~legacy
  3. new stone

    maybe only manu'ers can make the stone but crafters embedd it? thus manuer's not losing if stone is of good value
  4. new stone

    A stone which can be embedded into any aroumr or wepon to make the arm/wep HALF less breakable, would need high craft to embed, when embedded the item become for example; Orc Slayer of Less Breakage or something along those lines Red dragon Mail of less breakage ect... maybe needs a better name lol... i cant be bothered to check if someone had posted something leik dis before so let me kno tytyytyt CaLsoniC
  5. storage clean

    hey sorry ill get on tonight and give you the stuff all been away ,,,ty
  6. storage clean

    yo, 3.5k for ti long 350gc for all the diss rings and 3k for the cape 6850gc ok?
  7. storage clean

  8. Vegetal removal stone

  9. storage clean

    still for sale at 3.5kgc
  10. storage clean

    hi. selling: Weapons: 1 Long Bow 4 Steel Long Sword 1 Steel Axe 1 Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 1 Iron Axe 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword Armor: 10 Leather Pants 8 Leather Gloves 1 Iron Shield 2 Enhanced Wooden Shield 181 Leather Helm 8 Leather Boots 5 Padded Leather Armor 3 Steel Shield 9 Iron Helm 1 Wooden Shield 1 Steel Chain Magic: 1 Gelatine Bones removal 4 Ring of Disengagement 1 Conjurer Cloak Essences: 448 Magic Essence Animal: 342 Tiger fur 1149 Polar Bear Fur 108 Leopard fur Clothes: 10 Leather Pants 1 Powersaving Cloak 8 Leather Boots 5 Padded Leather Armor 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 1 Fur Pants 1 Fur Boots 1 Fur Torso 3 Excavator Cape 1 Black Scarf 1 Conjurer Cloak Books: 1 Book of Iron sword of fire 1 Isla Prima Ring Building Post here or pm me ingame : SAW ty.
  11. LittleLooter's Harvest Service

    5k sunflowers ~Mephi
  12. a mace introduction ?

    yes dugur i agree the flail as Aphistolas was mentioning wasnt the idea i was talking about more to Kharn's
  13. a mace introduction ?

    i can see what your saying but i like the chain links as it can swing it gives a more medival look towards it imo... :s that 'flail' seems a little modern n less evil looking
  14. a mace introduction ?

    thats crap imo, im on about the beefy ones like http://chocolatebydeath.com/wp-content/plu...on-old/mace.jpg
  15. a mace introduction ?

    I was thinking of a new item , maybe a mace ill explain.. well im sure you know what one looks like a ball with spikes on it held by a chain, i think this could be a 2 handed wepon and could hit hard it hits maybe 70+ but hits ever say 2-3secs the motion used is a swinging motion to get the full effect of one . Just a suggestion ay. ~Mephisto mfcl