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  1. Lastwish

    I thought it was different in this case because Lastwish didn't break any rules for the ban
  2. Lastwish

    Hi I remember that Lastwish was banned as a swap for my other character because I was on no alt restrictions, and I was allowed to have alts again a few months ago. Is it possible to have Lastwish unbanned please?
  3. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    remember to join =/ DaveMage
  4. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    hehe catnoobga, u serp peoples spawns and stuff and u moaning cos we took like 60 quartz from ur bag, or even less than that ^^ and we did it because u brod us first so ur shitlisted
  5. Dleh unban please 0:)

    Hi I typed #god in channel 6, then asgnny booted me, at that time i didnt know it was a 5 min boot and I didn't know that typing #god in channel was illegal. Then, b/c i have problems with IE I went on my alt (which I had for a long time already) to talk to asgnny to see the reason for my ban, then he banned me again for breaking the 'no alts rule' without telling me why I got banned for. I have waited for over 1 month, I'm sorry for not thinking before i go on my alt, can I please have dleh unlocked please?
  6. I cant log on to Yascarus...

    cool, thanks radu
  7. I cant log on to Yascarus...

    ok i hope i get my char back
  8. I cant log on to Yascarus...

    that was a fast reply how do i take it up to radu?
  9. I cant log on to Yascarus...

    as radu said, you are NOT allowed any ALTS to harv a massive load of flowers to haul to the noob storage. but yascarus isnt my alt, he's my main because i was certain that i wouldnt ask for any unbans for any of my other accounts
  10. I cant log on to Yascarus...

    Hi, I can't log on to yascarus....i cant remember doing anything wrong and I want to know why please
  11. Selling some stuff

    I'm Selling: Animal 65 Red Snake Skin - 20 gc each 57 Deer Fur - 6 gc each 235 Wolf fur - 6 gc each Feran Horns - 12 gc each Leopard fur - 8 gc each 11 White Tiger fur - 65 gc each Bear fur - 20 gc each 25 Green Snake Skin - 20 gc each 1500 Bones - 3 gc each 1500 Raw Meat - 5 gc each 10 Cockatrice Feather - 50 gc each 120 Puma Fur - 7 gc each 70 Polar Bear fur - 12 gc each 150 Falcon Feathers - 16 gc each Flowers 1300 Tree Mushrooms - 1gc 4k Impatiens - 0.5 gc 110 Poison Ivy - 1.5 gc 1440 Wormwood - 1.5gc 4160 Night Shade - 1 gc 3590 Mullein - 0.9gc 36 Rue - 1 gc 1300 Tiger Lilly - 0.7 gc 295 Valerian - 0.5 gc 250 Blue Berries - 1 gc 80 Daffodils - 1 gc 860 Dandelion - 1 gc 220 Henbane - 1 gc 170 Ogre Toes - 1 gc Armors/Clothes Titanium Chain - 5k Green Cavalier Peacock Hat - 4.5k Red Robe - 6k 10 Unicorn medallion - 190 gc each Books Bear summoning stone book - 4.5k Titanium Mining books (2) - 2k Ring of damage building - 4500gc Book of Humans Fighting - 2.5k Stones Enrichment Stone - 9k Serpent Stone - 5.5k Buying/Trading items for Staff of the Mage IGN: Dleh
  12. Auction: Thermal Serpent Sword

    stfu its market forums, not for spam scam = pro but shame it was on vio
  13. Dragon_Killa banned

    oh right ^^
  14. Dragon_Killa banned

    oh right and what did my alt do to get bann?;o
  15. Dragon_Killa banned

    what so i cant have 2 alts??...