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  1. Emote codes for the client

    One easy way to get around this is to make it a double keystroke, like the PM reply. Then the client is ready to receive an emote command. Then it is just a matter of picking a key that is easy on both azerty and qwerty type keyboards, like --, ==, or **. Then you get ==yes for a nod, ==no for a head shake and ==plxfreest00f for an explosion.
  2. Vacation time

    That should be beer, not bear, as in ; Bucuresti, but after drinking many beer it will be on to Saturn and Busteni.
  3. white dragon

    Ohhh! When I take over the world, I will have a matched set guarding my evil lair.
  4. Starting Fight Club

    If this is to be regulated combat in a gladiatorial style, why not provide arms, armour, essences and extras. That way no rostos needed and nobody worries about drops or breaks. It would be a bit more expensive, but with a small entry fee the costs could be recouped and it would make the riff-raff a bit more reluctant.
  5. Man (player) eating leopard

    Without meaning to sound trite or clich├ęd, the first thought that came to mind with that post was that we could finally get the chance to strike back at the Grue. If you want to keep it as a leopard, then great, but if it is a monster then why not make it mythical. And I would love to see a server message - 'Playername'* has been eaten by The Grue. *I just know that my name will feature there.
  6. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    On button, yes. Off button does not come installed on these models. Some assembly required, battery not included. All sales final; no refunds or exchanges.
  7. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    Y'know, if you were looking to rez a funny thread, thanks. Next time, just bump it though. You risk a fail notice on the humour attempt. Of course, you also risk a ban, but hey - win / win for us.
  8. Real Life Imitating EL

    Used to do a lot of fishing up that way. I was disappointed though. Honey harbour had no honeys; just retirees
  9. no to regulation

    That is almost as good as the fail pictures
  10. Democracy in EL

    I think Burfoot hit on something good here, and this thread is an excellent example of it. If you are interested in a poll or opinion, start a thread up in suggestions that lays out the proposal and a few key points. Let the people who read that forum (ie - the folks that care enough to make and read suggestions) hash it out for a while to get as much input as possible. Then set a time for the vote, with a time limit on it. Once the time limit expires, do the math, plain and simple. As teh god, you may override any votes that you deem too close, but 51% counts almost everywhere as a majority. This avoids these long drawn out whingefests where every preschooler and his teddy bear drools out an opinion and the rest of the community wastes harvesting time answering. Also it should save on the Maalox bills.
  11. Quote of the week submissions

    1 DE and 3 HE. that is my favourite one so far, plain but saying alot lol, i would agree with you there Fabio, best one yet, almost sounds riddle like. now if only the person didnt use the old harm ing
  12. Demonstration

    1 DE and 3 HE.
  13. How EVERYONE can participate in invasions

    Great post pointing out the advantages to all. One thing I would point out, especially to the newer players, is that mixing essences can be a full time job, worth more experience and gold than you can shake a branch at. Want to level quick? Become a supplier - mix essences and set up shop on the invasion days. Heck, even if you give them away, you are still making loads of exp and you get kickbacks from grateful community members.
  14. Which part of the brain do you use more?

    The test was for right / left brain functions, not 'higher' and 'lower' functions. I found the direction of spin varied according to how I was looking. When reading and considering the attributes, widdershins. On first view, clockwards. Tried while doing algebra, widdershins. While petting pshychokittyfromhell, clockwards. From this I conclude that she was, in fact, naked.
  15. Character appearance

    I just love topics like this. While we are having a go: My char's beard is getting a bit rough around the edges and I am hoping to get it trimmed up a bit with the new models. Also, I've been sitting around harvesting too much and the paunch is making the leathers a bit too tight. If you could shave a few polygons off the mid-section... And those boots! My bunions have bunions and the only reason they dont have bunions of their own is the blisters! I could really use something a bit more comfortable, with larger heels. And titanium spikes. Thanks!. Seriously though. Great job folks. Thanks.