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  1. I was going to work and i was very bored, so i begun to think about a new skill for the game, and here it is: Animal Istinct - How the skill grow up: you kill animals, you gain a fixed number of XP for each kind of animal - What the skill do: alone the skill do nothing at all - So what's the skill for? The skill works like this. You have to kill a N number of a kind of animal, the weaker is the animal the higher is the number of them killed. After you reach the N you will be allowed to gain some animal traits for a short period determined like Skill Level * 10 / 60 so that it will last longer for skilled players. It could be used once a day, no multiple traits allowed at the same time but multiple traits could be used during the day. Even if you kill the N number of creatures you must have a N level on the skill to use the ability... or an expert figther could kill 2 dragons and advance to lvl 50 easily... but you still need to kill the N creatures to use the ability Next, after the required number of creatures are killed these wouldn't give any new XP, so you have to switch to another creature to grow up the skill. - What do you mean when speaking about animal traits? Well, a bunny is fast but weak, so if you use the ability you become fast but very weak to attack. An hawk have good eyes but can't carry heavy things, so you will have increased perception and 50% EMU available. Beavers can bite the wood, so double speed on branches and logs collection, but speed reduction. And so on... i'll let other to think about other traits - The purpose of the skill? Well, that way maybe people don't stop hunt small animals.... it gives a target to reach and in the end you gain a new ability The big problem is programming it, it need several variables and several formula for the abilities, resulting a possible headache, also due to the skill description as above, who program it should calculate the exact number of XP from each animal to reach the skill cap. Well that's all, folks (yeah, next time i go work i'll just smoke a cigarette without thinking )
  2. What is needed is an interface programmed once, with tags like an xml file, and a parser that do the job, like WML system in Battle for Wesnoth for example, that allowed programmers to focus on programming new things, bugfix and code optimization, and the campaign development free for everyone, and that way they passed from 1 official campaign to the actual six. Once a player submit the quest well coded, Entropy could test it in the test server. So my suggestion is to stop adding things that could work or not (like att and def potions, or horse whistles at 3kgc and now only for $, or speedhax potions... do i have to continue?) and to spend some time to think about that interface and in the meanwhile write documentation on how it works. Another way to make quests more interesting (no need to make them interesting, just MORE) could be a system that once you get a quest some skill are blocked from getting XP, while the other related to the quest objective get a bonus %, a nice bonus, like 2 times regular XP, but only when making quest needed things, after you make the items the % for the skill return the same. For example: Quest NPC: "Hey newbie, i need 2000 fire essence to be sure that in the winter i could get some warm" You got a bonus on harvesting the flowers and the sulphur required for a 2000 FE set, not 120 / hours pieces limit for that experience You got a bonus on mixing 2000 fire essences Other skill like a/d are not needed and are blocked, no xp from fighting. Same for summoning, magic, ranging etc. And yes, it require very skillfull programmers to be well written, more than one, i think, and some part of the actual server should be re-written (maybe the server could become opensource as well so other people can see what have to be changed?) Also, now is off-topic but is not important, a full changelog of server and client would be very appreciated.
  3. Potions of Defence and Attack Reduce

    What? According to what you are stating i should try to sell a piece of paper at 10.000$ because there are few rich people on the world, and maybe someone bored of having such money will buy my stupid piece of paper. To be serious, those potions ACTUALLY aren't convenient for potioner and aren't convenient for fighters, and the dragon scales are most convenient to be kept on storage than waste them on something that can't be sold. I can buy dragon scale to try mix some high-level armor, even just for manu XP, but i won't buy a joke potion for all those gc. Anyway, the potions are ingame, we will see how they will be used, if they will have a use. A suggestion, maybe it would be better to open a poll when you plan to add something, just to have a feedback before the thing comes ingame.
  4. New Skill - Animal Instinct

    That's right, so remove the heal, remote heal and restoration spell, we have potion of body restoration And remove a/d, we have ranging Ok, let me return "serious" I like my idea because it gives targets to players. Ok, kill 5.000 bunnies to learn about their traits, it's long, soo long, but it is a target to reach even in the long term, no matter how many hours it takes, the target is available for everyone, no nexus nor book required, just time. No need for items to activate the ability once you get it. And an indicator for each animal with percentage shown would be very nice. People love to achieve target, but here are not so clear, not many quests, no npc job system etc, so a skill like this could be really positive for the gameplay to those that don't like PK or make an huge amount of GC to buy ings to make even more GC all the time Since make a quest seems so hard in this game in term of programming code, maybe this skill once set will be easily improved.
  5. New Skill - Animal Instinct

    Is not like shapeshifting, you gain the ability because killing so many monster of the same type makes you understand how they are able to do something. A real example of animal observation are submarines that works like the wales, or chopter project designed by Leonardo da Vinci that are based on dragonfly fly, or some oriental martial arts that have been developed copying some animal movement and attack styles. After observing an animal for a lot of time, even during combat, the character understand some traits of the animal and develop a way to copy their traits, no shapeshifting
  6. New engine test, part 2

    Works fine on my system now. Isla Prima is showed with an average of 80FPS. Debian linux x86 Nvidia GForce 8600GT with Nvida driver 1.77.80
  7. New engine test

    Same as other linux tester, black screen and quit. Last log line: $ tail error.log EXTENDED EXCEPTION(2:item_not_found) at file 'engine/include/resourcemanager.hpp' in function 'get_resource' line 74: Can`t find resource 'extended-material/instanced_transparent_shadow_caster' in ShaderManager. Linux debian 2.6.26-1-686 GPU: nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1) Driver version: 177.80
  8. Well... we already have cold damage on some maps, and these damage can be avoided wearing fur clothes. The idea is to add some other maps related issue for the player, that can be avoided with specific LOW LEVEL items. For example, in the jungle you can be stung by a mosquito that make you sick, decreasing both mana and hp and using a special lotion (a low level potion) makes you immune from mosquito for a minute or two. In the swamps the speed of walking will decrease unless you wear some swamp boots. In night time you could be attacked by some bats, very weak monster with almost no drop and 1xp per hit. In desert maps sunflare unless you have an umbrella or a special hat. In some caves it would be necessary to wear a gas mask to avoid a gas or dust. The idea is to make these items very entry level, one for each skill (well, not the aggressive skill and harvesting), so everyone can build them to be safe and in the meanwhile he gets some (very few) XP in almost every skill. For item like gas mask or swamp boot the number of time that can be used should be limited, like 5 time for each one.
  9. Sword ideas

    Well... nice, but instead of a book the requirement should be Coordination 48. With less than 48 and book read you can wield two sword but you get a 60% chance to be hitted by your sword (oh, and no roll dice for def if you wound yourself because of lack in coordination).
  10. The benefits are two: first one: it add some more "reality" to the game, so it turn into roleplaying (actually i don't see many element of roleplaying in the game, starting from people ignoring it completely in dialogs... like "Hi Fitzer" "How do you know my name?" "It's over your head lol", not RPG at all) second one: different items -> different skills -> everyone start almost every skill even with low OA, not waiting OA 60+ to start tailoring/engineering/crafting And just to avoid misunderstood the events should happen when walking, not just while harvesting.
  11. A thought on speed

    In my opinion (I know it count near 0) these potions are totally unbalanced. As long as one have food (have always food = have money) the player can run. It is totally wrong. The running should be for a short period for everyone, not in this way that a people can run forever. A good way to develop the running potion concept would be like this: runner lvl 0 -> the potion lasts 1 minute - cooldown 30 minutes lv 1 -> potion lasts 2 minutes - cooldown 28 minutes lvl 2 -> potion lasts 3 minutes - cooldown 25 minutes lvl 3 -> potion lasts 4 minutes - cooldown 23 minutes lvl 4 -> potion lasts 5 minutes - cooldown 20 minutes lvl 5 -> potion lasts 6 minutes - cooldown 18 minutes lvl 6 -> potion lasts 7 minutes - cooldown 15 minutes lvl 7 -> potion lasts 8 minutes - cooldown 15 minutes lvl 8 -> potion lasts 9 minutes - cooldown 15 minutes lvl 9 -> potion lasts 10 minutes - cooldown 15 minutes Every runner lvl need $X potions. The potions should costs around 100 - 300gc. Every set of ingredients should produce more than the actual number of potions, maybe remove the hard to get lenny fur and switch to a consistent number of other ings but less rare. The way it is implemented is in my opinion totally wrong. A newbie should run if he want to, it shouldn't be a feature for experienced player. Oh, and i could afford the price at the moment, as i grow enough to produce Kgc in small amount of time. It is the concept that is wrong, we are talking about running, not about a special item that boost mana or health. Oh, i almost forget to say that there should be some time reduction of the effect, based on total EMU / current EMU percentage.
  12. make mules able to harvest

    Well... i didn't look the source code, but i suppose at least a variable is made to declare that the char is in mule form. So i suppose there is a function for level up. So i suppose that in that particular function the mule variable could be passed as argument, so i think it could be really easy to bypass the problem with "if varmule != 1 { eyecandy }" if the variable is not 1 (default value for the variable passed to the function = 0) the eyecandy part is ignored... let me count... 4 lines of code, three new lines (the if one, the closing } and the variable declaration) and one edited (the argument one). Really, i'm sure (i hope) the matter is somewhere else, because it is really impossible that no one think about it
  13. Question about the economy

    The big problems with manufacture are time and cost. Example, the only (not the only but the most common) profitable item, leather helmets: 4 threads, 3 leather. In order to have a gc gain you need to make your own threads. In one hour with enough EMU one can do up to 340 threads. The leather is convenient only after the dream quest. Then you need FPS or try to eat mushrooms (and often it takes to death). I made a session of 2000 leather helmets, i had a gain of 1.700gc and 4 levels from 22 to 26. But i spent a lot of time to make 2k threads. If one buy threads then no gain... and obviously no one will buy leather helmets for more than 20gc each. So, the right thing should be a decrease time for harvesting cotton. A similar time problem is caused when making bars. Making FE is slow because of sulfur harvesting weight and time. Next, collecting coal is slow due to weight and time. Bars are needed for almost every item under manufacturing.... and we have a significant slow down on making base thing to mix the ingredient needed to mix the final item. If one buy the item instead of making it by himself, a loss is granted. Why not focus on time reducing for basic ingredients, sulfur, coal, cotton, instead of focusing on final price? Maybe it will be necessary to decrease the XP for mixed bar, FE's and threads to balance the amount that will be created, but manufacturing could become a little easier and much less frustrating.
  14. Question about the economy

    Well... some item are hard to do in time terms. I mean, most of the manufacturing items require fire essence or a metal bar (that require fire essence too). So let's say that sulphur and coal are the most consumed minerals in the game by the mixers. Ok, it happen that both sulphur and coal weight 2 EMU, that bot are not so close to storage, and both have 2 seconds for harvesting. So, with 420 EMU it happen that harvesting 204 pieces of coal require 6 minutes real time, and the same amount of sulphure is on the way even in the best spot. Also, a finished fire essence costs in market channel around 3.5gc. So if i harvest flowers and sell at Irsis shop i can buy 204 FE's in no time... while making 204 FE's require at least 30 minutes to get ings (move from a spot to another by feet) and food too. Ok, it gives XP, but this should be a lateral effect, as FE's are needed for almost anything. So why don't change sulphur and coal, reducing weight or time or adding a spot really close to storage? It would produce more time to mix something better.. no?
  15. Map Making-New Skill

    Well... try to go in the spot with the resource and type "#mark henbane" for example. Then look at the map... wow, it's a kind of magic!
  16. Discuss/poll about resource blocking

    There are several ways to avoid the bagjumping, for example the one that mix could use the trade icon to give mixed items to the people that are heading to storage, and with the same icon could give resources to the one mixing. But a teleport nexus while harvesting can cause the same event... so.. just avoid to mix in the cave huge amount of things?
  17. Equipped Item swap..

    Arrays... if one make a multi-level array like (torso(iron torso, leather torso, pippo torso, dog torso), head (iron helm, leather helm, dragon helm)) etc etc, will allow a verification if the item removed is on the array index (like torso) and the new one is still in torso, if both are in the same index take off one and put on the other. It could be a little long to migrate to the array index system, but it will take advantages. Book also can be putted in different arrays index to make a whole renewed and better implementation of the knowledge thing. If this is too much work i'll offer myself to manually populate the array system and to the real developer the maintenance process, in order to add few lines for every new items added to the game, but placing it in the right place without many changes to the other portion of code. I don't remember how arrays work in C, i know php arrays, python lists, java arrays, i think they would not differ so much from these? Let me know if you really need help on this
  18. Quote of the week submissions

    During an invasion i was on a "closed cave". Fitzer: Well, there's an invasion outside but i'm pretty relaxed as this is like a "secret place" and invasion usually don't spread in "secret spots" One second later we were surrounded by Polar Bears and Yeti (obviously it wasn't a secret spot... now i know )
  19. Linux Client test

    Using the bluap packages, eternallands, eternallands-data 1.8.0-1. It works fine as the previously installed rc packages did.
  20. I would prefer a random extraction not skill level based. Old players already have a lot of privileges.... with the changes to the map this gap will grow again, like the no silver on trassian.. that surely had been useful to old players who could mix health essence in the cave, or make loads of silver in short time, and new ones will find harder/longer to get silver ore, and this is just an example. I could also talk about the old Feasting potions that gives back an empty vial, and so on. So focus on high level player is not good as the gap will grow again. So if these stone are found anybody with any skill level should be able to process it, and a random function combined with luck that gives a 10% chance to extract something from the stone.
  21. Changes to client

    Could you please consider the idea to create a keyboard shortcut for the "Get All" function? Or to add an "Open Bag" shortcut? It would be useful when fighting as some bags are really hard to get (large spider...). Actually the Get All function wouldn't require new code to be written, just a combination of keys that trigger the existing event, for those that play in small window and can't stay with inventory open all the time.
  22. Simply: rearrange the books order in knowledge tab of stats dialogs. It could be made in two way, one simple and one more long to program. The first one: just re-order books in order to have them by category, now tin smelting etc are so far from iron smelting... it is due because they were added later to game, but now that thery are in the game since a significant amount of time they should be placed in the right order, so one know with a single sight which things have studied and which not. The second one: Show a dialogs with category, that can be showed as collapsed (with the number of book read / total books of the category) or expanded (that show all the books on that category. Like + [combat] (0/xx) + [alchemy] (7/xx) etc... when you expand by clicking on "+" sign you have something like: + [combat] (0/xx) - [alchemy] - title - title - title etc
  23. Definition: English: Half the food for manufacturing/potion/etc. skills How it really works: if an item require 1 food then on Joule day become 0 food... - is not right at all, it should be 0,5, so 1 every 2 manufactured items; if you fail on item creation you lose the regular amount and not the half as should happen. I mean, if i make something that costs 12 food points and i make the item i spend 6 food point, if i fail i spend 12. The definition as given does not say that failures are not working like successfull items. Think about it
  24. mining quest

    Uhm... is it so painful to add a quest? So let's think about a scripting parser that allow people to write quest easily. The scripting engine have to be written just one time, and the advantages will last forever The idea is to keep it simple, so someting with tag like html for example, or something with no tag but easy like python. The one that write down the quest should not specify any coords, they should be choosed by a game admin, the thing to make are dialogs, requirements etc. If it is not possible to implement a quest parser, it would be handy to have some documentation on how the actual quests works in order to allow skilled people to send new quest that need only to be revised and tested by the project administrator.
  25. Ok, here the idea (and yes, i searched the forum before, +job +system). Sometime (very often indeed) it happen that a player need gc. Ok, one can begin harvest/manufacture random items and sell to bot, but i don't really like it. It would be nice to have a job diary and a series of NPC offering random tasks, like "bring me 200 wolf furs" or "bring me 100 silver ore" and a quotation higher than normal, is a job after all, you ask them for a purpose and i must spend my time on it. I think it wouldn't be so hard to implement it, the server know the stats of a player and it gives task according to the skill/knowledge level. The skill is random, like "harvesting" -> level 38 -> knowledge: sapphire mining -> EMU capacity 300 -> bring me 900 sapphire i'll give you xgc*900. Or "alchemy" -> level 20 -> bring me 400 Earth Essence, i'll pay xgc*400. This way also allow a player to focus on different skills (they are random, remember?), and then they have gc. Ok, that's all