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  1. Lol I Got Banned

    i dont really think they care.....its been forever since they last posted......some forum this is
  2. Lol I Got Banned

    ok........first of all, its the first time i got banned, second of all i put "lol" in my title because at the time i didnt really care that much....but when your other games dont work i guess this is the next best thing.......
  3. Lol I Got Banned

    The problem is....i was interacting with them.....so im kinda screwed........ <_<
  4. Lol I Got Banned

    ok ok ok, ill admit what i did was wrong and im sorry.....ill never do it again.....but can you guys unban me i think its been a months since i last posted.....
  5. Lol I Got Banned

    lol, i never thought id come back to this game but can you guys unban me??? ...ill never do it again..
  6. Uo Style!

    lol thats a free ultima online shard, thies shards are in compitition for first place and m playen in one since you guys band me for something i didint know but idc ultima online is really fun anyways............no offense, this game is pretty cool too but it could use alot of work......so keep on tryen to make this game better
  7. Uo Style!

    ok...ive played ultima online and its awsome you guys should do something like that...like being able to buy houses and ride animals or monsters......you guys should add a skill like tameing so you can tame animals or monsters, it might be a little like sommoning but i think tameing might be better(just a thought).and for the storage thing you guys should put pics in there so you know what is in there and you dont have to be there hour after hour looking for one thing.....since you guys said eventually you were ganna put some more monster weapons and armor it would make thi game compleat.....
  8. Lol I Got Banned

    so......whos the admin admin like the leader..........cause im wondering who banned me....cause moonshadow says he didint but hes the only one i was talken to. but then again adims have control over evrything.....i would just like to talk to the leader admin person