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  1. Storage Sale

    Hi, I only have steel shield and 1 steel greave left. Someone bid 110K gc in-game for this set and I was happy with that price.
  2. Storage Sale

    I buy all. 80kgc. K, PM me in-game
  3. Storage Sale

    Hi all, I decided to make some items an auction, which will be running just a few days. Ends 72 Hours from this post. I will be in VotD sto today to sell items from accepted offers. Liquid – Sure contact me in-game. I made the rosto and greatswords an auction though. Aislar – Sure contact me in-game Riky – I believe Liquid beat you to the pickaxes, rest is fine Smurf – I made the Nexus removal an auction Teehee - Sure contact me in-game Chejo – Sure for the FPs, but I don’t see an offer for the antidotes. Proxy - Sure contact me in-game Amar – Sure for the tit shield and MOL, made the rest an auction Cacaroto – Coal: Sure, but I made the OS an auction XenaMT - Sure contact me in-game. Liquid beat you to the emeralds and sapphires though NicktheBrick – Made those items an auction Big-Duo – Sorry, I made swamp candles a set price. I cannot make them an auction now. Try GenX
  4. Storage Sale

    Most is just offer and Ill see if I accept. Rest is set price. Items with RED offers after them are being auctioned. Food Flowers 1290 Crysanthemum 0.5 Each 209 Blue Star Flower 0.5 Each 160 Poppies 1213 Tiger Lilly 0.5 Each 8322 Red Roses 0.5 Each 828 Red Snapdragon 0.5 Each 15226 Tree Mushroom 0.5 Each 337 Impatiens 0.5 Each Ores Metals 53 Titanium Bar Minerals 68 Gypsum Tools 10 Scissor Weapons 1 Modable S2E 1 Iron Sword SOLD 11 Iron BroadSword SOLD 9 S2E 950 Each 949 Wood Branch 1226 Bones 2.5 Each Armor 1 Titanium Chainmail 1 Steel Shield 1 Steel Greave 2 Augmented Leather Pants 1 Titanium Shield SOLD 1 Titanium Greave Magic 7 Stars Medallion 6 Unicorn Medallion 34 Moon Medallion 1 FR Removal Stone 1 IEDP Removal Stone 1 Conjurer Cloak 1 Ring of IotF 1 Ring of Anitora 1 Gatherer Medallion 1 Vitality Removal 1 MOL SOLD Essences 450 Spirit Essences 10 Each 345 Magic Essences 7 Each 2 EWE Potions 15 Potion of Defence 19 Potion of Minor Healing 5 Potion of Summoning 26 Potion of Body Restoration 23 Invisibility Potion 350 Potion of Mana Animal 8 Brown Snake Skin SOLD 10 Raccoon Fur SOLD 150 Mule Skin 6 Brown Rabbit Fur 19 White Rabbit Fur 26 Deer Antler SOLD 134 Deer Fur SOLD 30 Puma Fur SOLD 108 Wolf Fur SOLD 4 Fox Fur 10 Feran Horn 33 Black Panther Fur 5 Snow Leopard Fur 49 Bear Fur SOLD 5 Polar Bear Fur 383 Leopard Fur 1226 Bones 24 Tiger Fur 6 Red Snake Skin SOLD 6 Green Snake Skin SOLD 34 White Tiger Fur 4 SOLD, 30 LEFT 472 Raw Meat Clothes 4 Raccoon Hat 14 Fox Scarf 10 Leather Pants 8 Fur Boots 1 Fur Cloak 1 Conjurer Cloak 3 Body Piercing Cloak 2 Augmented LEather Pants 1 FR Cape Misc 19 Mercury 19 Rope 949 Branch Jewelry 4 Polished Diamond Books 8 Tit Short of Ice 18 Tit Short of Magic Hazardous 20 Bucket Edit: Items agreed upon with buyers are marked SOLD, items no longer in storage are removed.
  5. Trading Nexus Removal

    As topic description states, Im trading MY Inorganic Removal for YOUR Magic Removal. PM me in-game and thanks in advance!
  6. Harvester medallion

    Your problem is, that you use it on ores/minerals ... try it on flowers - you'll love it I have read people saying the same as you do earlier in this topic. You might actually be right . However, the downside of flowers is the reduced value per harvest. If we assume the harvester medallion lasts a factor 3 longer on flowers (No, I dont know if this is true), I would still need to sell 63% of my harvests because the average flower harvest (1-3 gc) is worth around 33% of an iron/silver ore (5-7 gc) harvest. Of course, I do not have statistics of using harv med on flowers, so this hypothetical case might be totally off.
  7. Harvester medallion

    Ok, changed my opinion already lol. Lost 3 of them in 10K SIlver and 2.4K Iron combined. So basically I need to sell 63% of my harvests #calc (3*7)/(10*2.5+2.4*3.5) just to make up for them...... Not really worth it IMHO.
  8. 5K steel bars in auction

    260K gc
  9. Harvester medallion

    Well, since today I love Radu for the new server update: "No stopping from mini events while wearing the harvester medallion." I never considered harvester medallion to be worth it, until today! I wonder how other people feel about the harvester medallion now. Did any opinions change? Do you still think harvester medallion is not worth it? If so, why? I dont have any figures on break rates, but every stopped "You stopped harvesting."- message nets me around 20 ores I guess . So for me, its prolly worth it. Ofc, if someone checks the screen permanently or more often than me, this 20 ores might be less.
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10K Swamp Candles 10K Red Roses 10K Sunflowers please 17.5K gc total. Thanks in advance!
  11. NMT idea

    I see lots op ppl stating NMT capes dont leave the game. I do not know the statistics on this, but I do believe many leave the game because they are sitting in storages of -now- inactive players.
  12. Main Server 2.0

    TBH, this poll is pretty good. I dont expect this to lead to any changes, but Im really curious about the general opinion of several subjects in the pol.
  13. The Shop serviced by the Fear Guild

    10K Red Toadstools please. Thanks
  14. Tips and Tricks

    Nice post. Im considering ranging for some time, just looking for some nice methods and the gc to get it started. Considering the reddie; is a certain ranging level recommended? Or is this method feasable for any ranging level? And what about using PK-arrows/bolts instead of training arrows/bolts? It would be nice to level up engineering too, now wouldnt it?