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  1. Auction: Book Of Thermal Sword

    Morrigan won
  2. Auction: Book Of Thermal Sword

    Argh .... I just saw, that I messed up day and date, I'm sorry. To make that clear, this is the correct date and day when the auction ends: thursday, june 25 at 11:00 a.m. CEST (9:00 UTC --- 5:00 a.m. EDT)
  3. Auction: Book Of Thermal Sword

    On behalf of my son (who has no forumsaccess) I'm auctioning a 'Book Of Thermal Sword Manufacturing' The auction starts now and ends on thursday, june 23 at 11:00 a.m. CEST (9:00 UTC --- 5:00 a.m. EDT) Starting price is 100 k Please post your bids here, no ingame bids possible because I'm not playing anymore and my son isn't speaking english well enough. Good luck!
  4. Mini Harv Events

    Because you always need to harvest before you even can think of manufacturing, potioning, crafting and alching. Because you need to harvest and alch/pot before you can think of going fighting. Sure you can buy the ings, but even for gettig the money to buy ings you need to harv. It's just the base of the game and with needing crazy amounts of ings it's a deep cut which was made.
  5. discouraging bag mixing ?

    Lol .... you didn't know the mums in the Tent inisde the cave?
  6. Harvester medallion

    At least Dung gives EMP and GHP sometimes now
  7. awesome Germans !

    Na, da werf' ich doch gleich ein paar hinterher.
  8. Wedding Invitation

    Since her timezone already has daylight saving time, which occurs here a week after the wedding, there seems to be some clarification needed for the time. 5 pm EST means on Friday 20. still 10 pm (22:00) MET or 9 pm UTC. A tool for calculating time for other countries can be found here for example (I know there are better looking, but it works at least): http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html For EST, just use an east coast state of USA
  9. Wedding Invitation

    You are so funny ..........
  10. Little sto sale

    Added Blue Lupines, removed sold items
  11. Little sto sale

    Added some Turquoise
  12. Coordination in Invasions

    I am glad that you found a solution that works for you. Even considering, if i log on i usually type #IL to check and if i see even 5 monsters I go to the invasion channel. Don't complain because you dont' take initiative to keep your items/rostos safe. I agree, I always expect invasion when I log on, and I also try to log off ready, either equipped or in a house. A little forward thinking is all it takes. Well, this thread wasn't about saving rosts or having safe maps, I guess. At least it wasn't my intention about what i was talking at ch 6. My intention was to coordinate searching for the creatures to clear (especially hidden) invasions faster and prevent searching maps three or four times after they already had been cleared. It's always the same, after some hours of invasion, almost nobody has any idea what was already searched and what not, not only because of too much spam on ch 6, but because of the reason, that the ones who started fighting had logged out and the followers don't have all information.
  13. Little sto sale

    1 Black Purple Striped Baggy Pants ----- 4000 gc 1000 White Chanterelle ---- offer 505 Impatiens ---- offer 18 k Blue Lupines -- 8 kgc 5 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword ---- 580 gc each 818 Titanium Ore ---- 1900 gc 644 Cinnabar ---- 5 kgc 501 Turquoise ---- 2400 gc claimed 2558 Vegetables ---- offer 1490 Fruits ---- offer claimed 300 Death Essence ---- 2800 gc 2000 Life Essence ---- 9 kgc claimed 101 Leopard fur ---- 700 gc
  14. Framerate drop when casting Mana Drain

    Tryed it again today with different camera views. It occurs in that room and in the part of the cave which is near the teleport behind the wall, but it is not necessary, that the lightcoloum is on the screen. Even with the teleport in the back and zoomed in, so that no part of it is visible, frames drop from 60 to 14, normally casting MD make a drop from 60 to 56. Maybe calculating the light reflections from the coloumn uses too much of the CPU I guess. CPU load in the cave with two spides near 25 % / MD --> 82 % CPU load in that room, not looking at the coloumn with two spiders 69 % MD --> 100 % Sempron 3200+; 2 GByte; Geforce 9500 512 MByte Strange is, that it also drops on the system of that other guy, cause he said, he has a dual core CPU
  15. Some guy and me were at spider Cave in Tasengard, he was fighting there and i mana draining and we experienced, that in a certain location there, casting mana drain had a significant effect on the framerate. Location was the room at the end of that cave, the one with this coloumn of light inside The effect was on both systems, he having a Gforce 9600 and me a Gforce 9500, my framerate which is constant about 60, was dropping down to 3 or 4 when casting, his was dropping from about 200 to 30. My guessing is, that this is related to that coloumn of light which is at the end of that room, but not sure.