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  1. Mage Staff

    i think that would make EL to much like runescape
  2. The Greatest EL Player

    I would probably have to go for asgnny
  3. Cooldown On Summoning Stones

    Interesting Idea but i think the cooldown on stones are just enought (not 2 much not to less)
  4. kf creatures

    I have been killed by the chim so many times So i thing it would be a good idea to get rid of the tough creatures and mabie put ogres and gargs or somthing like that
  5. Buy and sell box

    how do i get the box that people have got next to their sig that says wat their buying and selling?
  6. Buy and sell box

  7. What was your first guild?

    Myne was Boc lol
  8. What a cutie!

    Lol wish i could be a dragon
  9. how do i get this?

    how do i get the gif pic under my name