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  1. Bring Back the arena's

    Since Kf noone goes to the arena's anymore I have made this post to remind evreybody that they still do run but noone goes there so if u can drop by occationily so we can them bak
  2. Best way to train magic?

    I am at magic lvl 23 almst 24 but i need to know what the best spell is for geting my levels up the quickest?
  3. Sigs?

    how do i put a picture as my Sig?
  4. Sigs?

    Okies sorry didn't no
  5. Higher level monsters

    My summoning level is 13 lol if i use pot it will be max 25 so if i summon a skelly then will it give me any exp?
  6. Higher level monsters

  7. Godless perk

    does that perk make you not be able to go to skill SCHOOLS?
  8. Godless perk

  9. Red Dragon in KF

    Wow pwnage with that thing lol!
  10. Sigs?

    Done it <<<CLOSED>>>
  11. Sigs?

    do you know any sites where i can make a sig
  12. Sigs?

    It says you not allowed to have IMG tags
  13. Sigs?

    It didn't work
  14. Sigs?

    TyVm guys
  15. Harvester medallion

    If u found a rosto while wearing that would you get 10?
  16. Monsters a/d

    I though the medium (wingless) garg had the beat A/D levels
  17. Sigs?

    I Know what one is buy don't now how to put it on
  18. Client Crash while starting

    Does the same to me to
  19. Whose been in the most guilds?

    Lol Boc PkG JFA Just MWAR Not as many as some of you lol
  20. Summoning 100 \o/

    Congratz m8
  21. Animal summons stay closer

    lol rabbits run evreywhere
  22. YAY! Summoning 100

    WoW u da MAN!!
  23. Summoner's Guidebook

    lol kwel guide tryin tht.. do u gt any exp at all off summoning the garg at 15?
  24. P2P expiration, 5 October

    Do you have to upgrade to a lifetime or can I get a year with a diffrent P2P race?
  25. Best way to train magic?

    ty guys thanks for your help high mage here i come lol