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  1. Etension to my "knightly banned post"

    hi, this is knightly. i am writing because you locked my other post, i would like to extend that topic here. I am explaining about Knightly trading to Noobie, i own knightly and my friend owned noobie. My friend created noobie at my house on my desktop computer. i have 2 computers, a HP laptop and a Dell desktop computer. My friend created noobie and logged on, he harvested some flowers for me and sold them, he was helping me make GC. SO for a few days he came round my house to play EL, as he thought it was a good game and his PC was too old to play EL. He harvested and traded me the money, i dont see that on the rules. You have banned me for ilegal multiplay on the conditions that you cannot, yourself, trade anything to any of your other characters. It was my friend controlling noobie, nnot me so i dont see that i have broken the rules. I know i can be alot of trouble ingame, but i hope you understand as above. I play on the same internet provider and IP adress but its two different people playing. Not me on both accounts. Thank you for your time. Sorry -Knightly
  2. Knightly Banned

    yeah i traded, it was against the rules give me an item wipe let me play please
  3. Knightly Banned

    illegal multiplay in what way, owning max04?? that was one year ago, dont you give people chances to play again. I dont see it as illegal, i got a new laptop, i didnt get it just for EL. So when i logged on the ip wasnt banned so i played and created an account, knightly
  4. Knightly Banned

    but i love el, i know i done wrong. i wanna give the sword back and wanna play. i will follow the rules and i try, i do agree with them but its hard to sometimes avoid breaking the rules
  5. Knightly Banned

    so its banned for ever? i was gonna buy some stuff for my birthday, of the el site, thats how much i liked it. anyway max04 was banned, now this account. i just had a crown of life, many hours of playing time that was. and really i dont see what is wrong if i give the sword back. Let me on to give the sword back to my friend. the rules for eternal lands are too tight, and the 'millionth chance', i have had 0 chances on this account, i did nothing wrong for a year up to date so the first ban on knightly was for no reason. i should get a chance, hours of gameplay. Im sorry but please admit the first ban on knightly actually had nothing to do with him, I HAVE CHANGED!
  6. Knightly Banned

    I am writing to apologise, I admit to trouble making, me and my friend went to NC and he tried to kill a bear, he died and dropped his orc slayer. I then picked it up and told him that another character (noobie) which is my alt, had taken it. My friend mustv'e then reported him for bag jumping, when i caused the trouble. I admit fully, but please can you un lock me, you cannot guarantee that unlocking me i will be good. But i will, i love EL. i think its a great game, i try hard not to break rules. Please give me 1 more chance thanks for your time -Knightly
  7. Why am I banned?

    Yes iam playing on the same IP, i did own max04 and he did do wrongs, but i have changed please. give me another chance to play this great game. My account Knightly has done nothing wrong and i wish to continue playing that way. Thanks for your time i hope i can be unbanned Knightly
  8. Why am I banned?

    hi, why am i banned from EL? i cant recall doing anything wrong INGAME NAME: Knightly