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  1. We're not now, but we've had some good fights.
  2. [TM] is still alive Vart
  3. Crus' Ring shop! - open!

    How much for a votd ring?
  4. Trading Mekelo for Tibia items

    ???? "Marketplace Here you can buy and sell ingame items." ????
  5. Cost to create guild

    I'd like to make another suggestion without opening a new thread, recently I restarted TM to get rid of the inactive members.. may I suggest that the guild #remove command be made to work even if the person who is being removed is not online. It would also be nice for a guild #members command which would show all the enlisted members in a guild. I admit I haven't been reading the forums very throughly so if these have been suggested before I apologize.
  6. I believe there are way too many guilds out there(25 guilds with 5 members or less alone) and that the cost to create a guild should be increased. Perhaps the cost should depend on the number of registered guilds? Say if there are 60 current guilds, the cost to create a new guild would be 60k???
  7. Remove the antisocial perk

    Because this one is too hard to police I think and is not worth the trouble because it will always encourage people to create a 2nd account.
  8. Remove the perk and deduct the pps from players who have taken it and let them trade with NPCs again. This perk doesn't make any sense. The people that take it then use mules(2nd account) to buy whatever they need from NPCs. I know I'd hate to log in back and forth from two accounts and would eventually get sick of the game.. No I don't have antisocial myself..
  9. The Mercenaries

    Thanks to Kaos for this set of TM rules: 1. A Mercenary will be curtious and kind to the noobs. 2. A Mercenary will not use foul language on guild gm channel or populated area ie storage. 3. A Mercenary will not steal or scam other players, unless those players are on TM pk list. 4. A Mercenary will not have prejudice against other races or make racial comments or slurs. 5. A Mercenary will not lure noobs into pk maps unless it is an approved contest. 6. A Mercenary will not kill on personal revenge other players unless on the pk list. 7. A Mercenary will not insult other members and players in anyways or actions. 8. A Mercenary will obey these 8 simple rules. Maybe other top fighter guilds will follow in our example and abide by similar rules :wink:
  10. vials

    Empty Vials you mean? Harvy sells them, find him in the desert near Grim at DP.
  11. The Mercenaries

    HI, Well thought I'd make a [TM] thread since every other guild seems to have one.. The Mercenaries is a group of ferocious barbarians from all brute parts of the world. :twisted: We've got the muscle, the finances and some of the most beautiful Ladies of EL. Oh, and a cool pic gallery at http://www.freewebs.com/eternallands So yeah, come by our public forum and drop us a line :wink: Cheers, Sabaka
  12. The fall of the Rangers.

    Hmm looks like half of your guild went off and made a new one... You still have some members in RA, are you sure its the end?
  13. died with book

    Well I think you can either buy the book from other players or start an account for the sole purpose of getting that book. The NPC doesn't give you the book again right? Maybe that should be changed...
  14. Nederlander si teh banned

    We can sit, walk forward and turn sideways, why not jump? Why not make an option for a char to jump 3 spaces forward? *Thinks of Matrix* :lol:
  15. Swords and carrying

    Yes, you can buy swords at the portland blacksmith. He's located in the village east of the actual city. To increase the amount you can carry you gotta finish the quests and improve(buy) physique and coordination.