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  1. Political faction system

    Communists, socialists, and anarchists? That's it? Booooo! Bad idea, or would need muuuuch fleshing-out and a LOT more completion of the political spectrum to be the least bit worth doing, in my opinion.
  2. New engine test, part 3

    As with test 2: All i get is a blank window and the phrase "no map" System is OpenSuse11, running on AMD athlonxp2000+ cpu graphics reported as: "radeon 8500 AIW DV edition" different message in debug log final lines: [map_viewer/main.cpp:351] EXTENDED EXCEPTION(7:internal_error) at file 'engine/source/gpuprogram.cpp' in function 'check' line 183: Can`t use ARB st_fragment program, because 'GL_ARB_fragment_program' extension is missing. (And FWIW, new box or graphics card is not an option for me for some time, unfortunately)
  3. New engine test, part 2

    All i get is a blank window and the phrase "no map" System is OpenSuse11, running on AMD athlonxp2000+ cpu graphics reported as: "radeon 8500 AIW DV edition" Here are the last few lines from my degug.log: [engine/source/filesystem.cpp:42] Loading file 'shader/extended-material/transparent_shadow_caster.frag'. [engine/source/filesystem.cpp:46] Checking archive './data.zip'. [engine/source/filesystem.cpp:50] Loading file 'shader/extended-material/transparent_shadow_caster.frag' in archive './data.zip'. [engine/source/gpuprogram.cpp:183] ARB st_fragment program 'shader/extended-material/transparent_shadow_caster.frag' build starts. [map_viewer/main.cpp:236] EXTENDED EXCEPTION(5:opengl_error) at file 'engine/source/gpuprogram.cpp' in function 'build' line 189: invalid enumerant
  4. Discuss/poll about resource blocking

    I agree with this 100%. The concept of the proposed exception is just stupid. (IMHO)
  5. New Linux binary

    Wanted to report that Quesar's new build runs fine for me and does indeed allow shared access to audio system.
  6. New Linux binary

    First impression: THIS build, the blueap one above, runs AND allows shared audio so I can play MP3s while playing EL. (I'm the guy with the problematic Opensuse11 box) That's all I've noticed so far, but wanted to get this posted ASAP.
  7. Linux Client test

    I just noticed this: Rauch's duron-flavor build is demanding exclusive access to my sound-system just like quesar's RC3 build did. (Though a local build from CVS on my machine does NOT do that) [EDIT] This may be a stupid question, but why are Quesar- and Rauch-builds 4.4 megs, while my homebuiltRC3 is 8.2 megs in size? [/EDIT]
  8. Linux Client test

    To be sure, I re-copied to datafiles, and the non-duron 32b build still "illegal instruction's out on me.
  9. Linux Client test

    Distro is Opensuse11 From bash, I get "Illegal instruction" with no futher info. Rauch just shot me the url to a "duron" flavored build that starts and is running fine for me so far.
  10. Linux Client test

    My CPU is an AMD Athlon XP 2000+
  11. Linux Client test

    EDIT 2 ADD: When run from bash terminal, there is a message "illegal instruction" with no further info.
  12. Linux Client test

    Here is the ENTIRE errorlog: -------- Log started at 2009-01-07 13:39:13 localtime (CST) [13:39:13] Using the server profile: main --------------- That's all there is! EDIT:ADD System is Opensuse11, 1.2 gighz, 2 gig ram, alsa sound. I build RC3 from CVS and that runs just fine for me.
  13. Linux Client test

    I cannot get this binary to run at ALL. Screen flickers for a brief moment, then I am back to desktop. What I did: renamed to el.linux.bin, set executable, and used desktop shortcut/icon. When I call it from a bash-terminal, I get the same bahaviour.
  14. RC3

    re: exclusive access to sound system - resolved!! I did a local build of RC3 on my system and the binary no longer wants exclusive access to sound subsystem! Thank goodness! Much thanks to Popeye for all the hand-holding to get it built! If anyone wants a copy of my binary (built on OpenSuSe11), just leave a note here, PM me ingame, or send a carrier-pigeon.
  15. RC3

    re: exclusive access top sound system: I talked to Quesar about it - he was under the impression that this was the normal behaviour, but he doesn't use the sound in EL. When I told him that 1.7 didn't do this, he said that he may have an outdated library, and that he would look into it... Failing that, I may (shudder) take a look at trying to build on my own system, though my box isn't really rigged for development. Will get back to you with what I find.