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  1. hello everyone.since my friend's english is not that good,i had to post for him so i hope you'll understand this.we think that Alperen char has been banned for something that happened in invance of yesterday.could we learn if it is a timed ban or for good?and is there a chance to unban him because as i said his english isn't that good and he may have hard times because of its.


    thank you and have fun all!

  2. my friend says : the only thing i can do is apologizing and i apologize really i won't do again what i did before..please give me a last chance.u can trust me this time and if i do something like that again u would delete my char instead of banning it!thx...

  3. volken,who is a friend of mine, was banned and he's got ip ban also , so i write here what he says...


    asilinn banned me again!! i just log in my friend's char and she said u using him!i swear that i wasn't using him , i just logged on and i just play with volken char so please unban my char...ty...

  4. Great ideas, I like the idea of decreasing rationality's effect so that mag lvl is more important. That'd actually require mages to train magic instead of just maxing rat and harming for 100 with 30 magic whereas 70 mag level chars with low rationality harm for 10-20. Also casters should have effect on spells(maybe some robes with magic bonuses too?)

    sounds cool too.with that way mages will have to use robes and ppl will do more tailoring.and it would be good to see different clothes in kf :)