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  1. Services

    3k silver bars, pm me "Revnith"
  2. Storage Sale

    what are the offers for the bones, because i dont see any posts that offer just for the bones, so i dont know what people are pricing just for the bones. ignoring the bones, Starman_Omega, ill just round the rest down to 14.7k, as a quick session of xcalc suggests is about right.
  3. Storage Sale

    sorry, i forgot to update, already sold them before your post
  4. Storage Sale

    name one, ill sell all brown rabbit/beaver/skunk/racoon to the first person paying 5gc each le's are 5gc, standard all the rest are negocable, like everything else, but if the price is right ill sell it instantly without waiting to see if others might buy it.
  5. Storage Sale

    updated list. My ingame name is Revnith, as someone requested, bla bla bla, name your price and ill see if its fair enough 803 Brown rabbit fur 1712 Raw Meat 4173 Bones 201 Beaver fur 1 Book of Puma Fighting 761 Potion of Spirit Restoration 15 Deer Fur 15 Deer Antlers 3 Rat tail 1 Conjurer Cloak 1000 Gold Ore 14000 Silver Ore 9 Fox Fur 216 Brown Snake Skin 100 Red Snake Skin 1 Padded Leather Armor 5 Skeleton key 2 Polished Diamond 1 Bear Fur 24 White rabbit fur 7 Wolf Fur 400 Life Essence 13 Empty Vial 161 Health Essence Not sorted, but i want all of this gone
  6. Kings of choas game

    it is a crap game, i should know, i was beta tester when the spies first came out. Its basically a popularity contest, and causes lots of spaming, like this one, trying to get people under you, and to click for you (so you get more troops and gold). If its anything like a few years ago when i poked around at it, its run by a small gang that have managed to get houndreds of people to sign up under them. Its a pretty pointess game, to get anywhere you need to make allies, and to do that they will have you clicking their links all day long. Did i mention the amount of spam like this that the game made? Oh, isent there a rule about spaming?
  7. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    Not sure if this qualifies, but back when i was a newb a few accounts ago (amasing how hard it is to remember a password after a year or so), back when i thought cord was the only good attribute, and took only a few physieck to get my health up, i was around fighting gobs with some guildmates. Ah, i remember training on gobs so well, needless to say, back then, training up defence was hard (even with the 25% god increase), i sent months "training" in dp forest, going back to the temple to heal very often (hey, its free, why waste br's?), no doubt because i had no real attributes, little overall level (about 20), and no idea that negate perks dident cost you PP, so the days where long, and the training tuf, and the money little, and the xp pathedic, anyways. Luckly i dident die on gobs, as long as i had some trusty br's, a sword, and my good leather armor. Back then i thought that you had to get hit to get xp you see, and by hit, i mean actually take damage, thats why i only got cord attributes (duh!, i dident relise that was one of the problems i had with getting xp), and nothing else. I also had this notion that armor only slowed you down to a point where you die, so i only carried the "best" armor, aka, leather armor, tit long, and enhanced wooden shield, not as heavy as the metal armor, so my defence wasent effected, i dident relise that the armor actually was better then more defence. Oh yes, back to the story. Anyways, after long amounts of training in mm caves, i was taken to the gobby caves of votd, where i then spent most of my time doing my part in keeping those smelly gobbies from living. It was fun. When i needed more br's, i usally just whent over to, erm, what was that, tajari desert? or something like that, where br's where droped by the server in the north part of the map along the path (for some reason, i was the only one there, beatyful place (the west part is at least, by the pond), the only people that where ever there where kind enough not to pk me (which was only one person), the rest where bussy waiting outside of the map for people to come in (hah, i just laughed as i exited that map, seeing them on the other side, to scared to do the same to maps like kf where the real pk'ers where). Ah, wannabes are so funny sometimes, which reminds me of my newbier days when i dident know about how the ships worked (besides getting off ip), i used to walk everywhere. One time, i was going to buy something from someone, they wanted to meat in votd, we where both in ip, he used the ships and got there in about 30 seconds no doupt, i walked and got there 5 minutes latter only to get lost trying to find the storage (they where not marked, so when he said the storages name, i thought he ment the city but just couldent spell it right, needless to say, that was about another minute of their time wasted to my newbness, and they still traded with me)). Anyways, back then i dident even know what mosters where, i walked everywhere. I walked across southern killeran several times before i died, i thought someone killed me, untill i walked arcoss it again and saw a moster kill me . From that day on, i was more cautious about bad maps, but not before strolling across kf a few times, i got lucky, no one was on the map, i thought it was because it was pk, everyone was scared to walk on it, untill one day i entered on the votd side and got creamed instantly, from that day on, i would go on and off kf at votd side, leaving before i could get attacked, just trying piss them off. Arg, again i lose track of the story, and its a funny one. Back in votd gobbie cave where me and a guildmate where doing our part in the war on gobbies, someone came in with no armor, or weapon, or anything but the cloths you have instead of a back. I laughed, what was this guy going to do, is he trying to die? kf is just a bit north, im sure it would have been faster. He attakced a gobbie, i laughed, after all, when gobbies hit me, i lose about 10 health (out of like 30). So here was this guy, attacking a gobby naked, and guess what happens, he dident die yet. So i waited, laughing at his foolishness. After a minute of him not dieing, he finially says his guild only takes vitiality attribute, after some physieck to carry things, he had 72 vitality, and what really made me laugh, he was only 6/6 a/d, or something less then 10. And the gobbie still couldent kill him. Another minute pasts, he was healing, but not dieing. After about 5-10 minutes, and what seamed like 100 br's later, the gobbie had died, and he dident try to kill another, but at least whent up some levels. Ah, what where you expecting? A real newb story, no, im affraid the real newb story was that you read all this.
  8. new to linux

    depends what distribution you use. Odds are, you will have a distribution with a package managment system, in which case, just tell that system to install EL, otherwise just unpack and run as already stated.
  9. Problems after the major game update

    for future refrenece for anyone like me who cant reistall a lower Xorg version: The generic ATI driver in Xorg works fine with EL, assuming you can stand LOW FPS, i get about 4 FPS, and thats after the game froze up, when nothing was moving, and not much was in view, maybe i could get another 1 FPS if i dringle around with the image quality settings on my card, owell, it beats using no 3D accel, which btw, still seemed to have the same bug as the 3D radeon drivers with EL!.
  10. Problems after the major game update

    ah, i use a ATI Radeon 9200SE, using the open source drivers that ship with Xorg (the ATi binary ones never worked for me, they had no 3D acceleration that i could get working, and this card is about dead on their list of supported cards). I use a resolution of 800x600x32 at fullscreen for the game, the desktop is 1280x1024x24. I got a suggestion that i should try other X versions, it seems that the problem i had existed in version 7.1 of the Xorg release for gentoo, in version 7.0 the problem becomes what seems to be messy bounds boxes. If i put the cursor around my guy (not on top of him, but a good distance away, about a few cursor sizes) it becomes a eye cursor. When i went to go inside a door, i had to put the cursor far down the screen from where the door way (almost to the bottom, when the door was near the top-middle of the screen). Attacking seemed to be fine, but opening bags was like opening doors. The problem dosent seem to exist before X11R7, and its true at least one glitch exist in R7 (my mouses "middle" mouse button wont work (it thinks its button 8, and i have 10 buttons, even tho i told it i have 6 buttons, and it crashes with a error if i set anything past 6 buttons ) but its also true that EL never quite worked like other Linux games (random crashes, especially while giftd was running or just bene started, wierd flickers from light to dark on the ground, etc), so i really have no idea where the problem really exists in, only that EL is the only program i have that has had any problems with the new Xorg release, besides by trackball not having a "middle mouse" button no more
  11. OK, after some time of waiting for gentoo to be able to install the new EL client (had problems installing the freealut dependency) i downloaded and used the one from the main website, i use the compiled static linux version. The problem i had: the mouse can only move. I cant kill anything, nore can i open doors, or open bags, or anything exept move and chat, and i cant leave ip because the ship requires me to click on it. The mouse no longer seems to change based on whats under it. Even if i use the "attack" button, i still cant seem to kill. If i use the "use" button, doors and flags still wont let me click on them to leave the map. I just today got EL to install on gentoo by switching gcc versions to compile freealut and EL. The problem still exists. I tried poking around the config window, but nothing seems to make the mouse work again. Has anyone else had this problem, looking around i cant seem to find others who are having trouble.
  12. selling Book of Special Swords

    since no one seems intrested, ill just close this up and see if i can sell it in game.
  13. Fixing some of the economy

    i cant say i have read all 11 pages, so forgive me some of this has been said. It seems to be the problem with the ecconomy has its roots in the poor design and evolution of this game. Because of the no-cast ideas, anyone can do anything, this in turn may make people ask "why shouldent i do everything?", which in turn puts people that have been here for years at a hudge advantage. The game (from what i have read about el) then evolved into fighting. As it stands now, the entire el ecconomy revolves around fighting, and pk'ing in general. Where do most essences go? To killing, or healing youleslf so you can kill more, or just leveling up so you can kill more. Bars are mostly used for weapons and armor, and there is very little (almost nothing) for manufactures to make (i think) that dosent involve making weapons/amor, in fact it seems to be the only way to level up. As lots of said, some items are just to expensive to make (tit long), when monster drops for them are almost common. Its relatively easy to just say "forget about the rest of the weapons, ill just save up for the better weapons", better being tit long, or serp, unless you have lots of money for elementals. With tit longs so easy to get (costs about 1k, costs a lot more to make because it requires efe), anyone can make 1k in this game in a day, which makes all the lower weapons almost usless, the only thing keeping them from being worthless in trink (is that his name?). To start with, make all tit items drops rare, anything that requires a enriched essence should be a rare drop (or just remove tit long from the drops all together, this might make a market for them, and people might start making them. If you change its formula so it dosent require a efe, then it could still make other weapons worthless as people would still use no weapon lower then a tit long). Also, you need to make weapons and armor more worthless. As it stands, people like to kill others in games, probably because its illegal in reality, and in a game "its just a game, deal with it" mentality really comes out in people. I think the best way would be increase the rate at which items break. This rate should be dependent on the players, and their oponents, in terms of xp, and weapons used. For example, if you are a high level fighter in terms of attack, you should be able to break your oppenents stuff more easly. You should also be able to break their armor based on your current weapon (maybe also your xp), example: a axe, as its heavy, should be able to break armor more easly then a sword (in reality, heavy weapons like axes and hamers and whatnot are the best weapon against plate armor, it can also damage it by making dents, some dents just happen to kill whoevers inside). Swords, meanwhile, couldent have that bad effect on armor. If to expereienced people then decided to fight, (assuming their weapons and armor and everything else was the same), the chances that they will lose some object in the fight (or at least have it damaged) would be greater then two newbs in the same armor/weapons. This would make people who find it fun to go around killing think about what they really want to wear. Also, there exists a problem with the rosto stone. It seems to be so common, people can just walk around and fight anyone without a reason, after all, its not like they will lose anything they cant get back easly. The stone should be rarer to a point where its only use would be in wars, and not everyday "thats see who i can kill today" quests. Also, another stone could be added to negative the rosto stone. It should make the weapons and armor more rare, and hopefully turn people off geting the best gear, in favor of more cheap weapons. Also, i forgot, also base the breakage of weapons on the users current experence. If they are complete newb, their tit serps should break more then the same weapon wielded by a advanced user, assuming the people where only killing rabbits and not people/monsters with weapons/armor. This would make newbs want cheaper weapons they dont break as often. Also, all these breakage things should be stacked. As it stands, i think this would be the best way of trying to fix things without introducing new items, and with only slight modifications, seeing how items can already break, all that would be needed are some more advanced formulas besides a constand value (i assume el uses a constant value to determine breakage). Also, i think it would be good to try and move el away from the pk attitude. As stated, almost all manufacturing and alchemy will eventially be used for the purpose of killing people, even if its only to level so it can be used for that purpose. There needs to be new outlets for the current skils, new items that can be made that are not used for fighting. Off the top of my head, only rings are not used for fighting (well, some are, but lots are teleports). I cant seem to think of any new items or uses, but i would say start with hammers and pickaxes, let manufactures make them. You could even make new hammers/pickaxes that more intermediate/advaced manufacturers could make. This would require making existing normal pickaxes break easly on harder harvesting. The new pickaxes would be like existing weapons "steel pickaxes" "tit pickaxe", etc, and would be able to withstand more harvesting hardness then its lesser counterparts. This would make "hard" harvestables like, i dont know, hard to harvest with a normal pickaxe, but easyer for a more advanced pickaxe. Or, if you dont like breaking pickaxes, you could have lesser pickaxes take longer with certian harvestables then a more advaced pickaxe. Possibly the same thing could be done for hammers, requiring better hammer to make better products. I cant think of other manufacturable items right now, maybe someone can list some. Altho, having more manufacturable items would eventially lead to a slight problem with the existing manufacturing process. Eventially, you could get to a point where you cant tell what someone wants to make based only on what items they selected to mix, you would need a new way to select what item they wanted to make, possibly let them select the basic item, then use what ingredients they gave to detirme the final product, like select "sword" then use the ingredients window to input the materials for a iron sword, or a tit long, etc. i really dont think there is anything anyone can do for the el ecconomy by only altering existing formulas. Its just that el is all about fighting when it gets down to it, and if you are not a fighter, odds are you make or gather goods, which in turn are probably used by fighters in the end. So i dont think its possible to fix the ecconomy without first fixing the gameplay, my first suggestion would help remove items, and make people think before fighting, the second suggestion is more geared to changing gameplay from mear fighting into something else, i cant think of anything else, which is why i cant think of new non-combat items. While on the subject of gameplay, it could be intresting if magic and summoning could see more use, especially summoning. Maybe being able to summon animals to "sniff" out things? Also, being able to unsummon your own creatures, then being able to summon creatures that share your life (they exist forever (no timely health loss), but if they die, you die kind of a arrangment)? Maybe being being able to transform your charactor into animals? just some thoughts.
  14. Selling Book of Special Swords to the highest bidder. No bids under 40,000 gold coins. I also will accept he/le, furs/skins, raw meat, and spirit restorations as payment.
  15. flicker in WSCA

    flicker a lot in WSC arena .... by entrance, and on outside wall (in arena)