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  1. Bounty Board

    Bounty board. Pick up a bounty on a certain monster. "Kill 250 wolves" and rewarded with 15kgc "Kill 150 feros" and rewarded 20kgc Just some examples. Could also gain points per bounty that you can spend on something. (nothing crazy, already giving gcs). Could add perks to buy with the points Could be another huge portion added to the game similar to instances. Open to severe changes, just let me know what you think. It adds another thing to do other than invasion/instance/harvest/mix. Drop ideas
  2. IP Storage for everyone.

    Maybe there could be another NPC two steps to the left, and another two steps to the left of that one. All storage NPC's so people can crowd around each NPC. room for probably more people than there are playing right now. Also, I heard radu thought the flower market will crash from this? May I ask... what flower market? You can observe channel 3 for 1 week, 24 hours a day and not see someone selling flowers as a source of income. I don't see how this will ever become an issue. And even if it is, the chance that new players will stay outweigh the high flower influx.... by a lot. Also if it becomes a REAL issue, just remove the few that are too OP. radu removed the BSF that was next to MM sto many years back so it is possible. Again, anything to get new players is WORTH. ALSO, if this idea falls though, at least remove the non-mixing at VOTD as that map is most likely the second storage a newbie will see, and that's empty too... very unwelcoming to a newbie.
  3. Raise attribute caps to 52. Vote now!

    This idea is 10x better. I will make a poll and a topic about it later
  4. Get rid of rule #5?

    I like the idea. Taking away rule 5 would be a little helpful. And why can't we just make it so any one main account can only have 1 alt account? So we can't just have "Raz_arrows, Raz_Pofs, etc" ? Maybe we can think of a way to make this happen. Flag a character as your main, Flag your other character as your alt. And if blackmarket is illegal, then buying and selling chars would just be banned, so this "main" and "alt" thing would seem, at first glace, pretty useful,
  5. SouthernComforts Top Shelf Service's

    ingame name Jay - 10k BQ (2x5k batches) 20kgc 20k BSF (4x5k batches) 10kgc Total: 30kgc. Thanks, Jay
  6. Clearing storage :)

    1 Long Bow 6 Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 7 Black Dragon Scale 16 Ring of Power 5.2k
  7. Smallish sto sale

    3 Ring of Hurquin 7 Unicorn Medallion 2 Stars Medallion 2 Moon Medallion 1 Ring of White Stone 1 Potion of Extra Mana 17 Poison Antidote 7 Invisibility Potion 5 Potion of Defense 1 Potion of Great Healing 1 Magic Potion 1 White Chanterelle - Ogre Toes - Tree Mushroom Extract 275 Potion of Body Restoration 7 Potion of Heat Protection 79 Potion of Coordination 2 Potion of Radiation Protection 1 Potion of Attack 5 Potion of Potion 1 Fast Regeneration Cape 23 Augmented Leather Armor 6 Leather Boots 1 Leather Pants 4 Padded Leather Armor 24 Augmented Leather Pants 15 Empty Vial 1 Disengagement Ring Building I'll take all
  8. Invasion 13.07.2011

    GJ m8, was a nice invasion! All except my CoL being destroyed xD I liked it, big improvement from your last inva. No offence!
  9. New achivements.

    I like it, more tasks to look forward to.
  10. Golden chainmail.

    Just an idea, golden platemail or chainmail. this one looks more like a chainmail... will give Gold ore some more use! http://www.aboutcostume.com/images/accessories_makeup_weapons_armor/20767.jpg
  11. PandemiC fail scam

    Brod tag means make your EL life a living hell, by any means necessary. I think you misunderstood...
  12. Invasion 29.05.2011

    Rosto stealers, especially in C2 portals - put massive ammounts of things people train on. for me, FCW, add bears, white tigers and hawks to throw them off, and keep it up. alot of people won't notice, and before you know it, boom. one of the things you did was put like 20 things somewhere, and then stop... that kinda stinks, lol. non-stop getting attacked it what everyone wants.
  13. Privacy option on Achievements

    Sorry, I disagree. Most people are private, It's nice to see a little bit of what the mysterious player is about. People think Mason rank 3 is embarrassing, I think it's impressive.
  14. Gem sander

    I think something along these lines would be godsent. I would LOVE it.