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  1. explination of my behavior.

    well then if thats the case i just want to keep horcruxes as my main and only charachter. is that possible?
  2. explination of my behavior.

    so it takes away everything from my char? like everything a know and have read or just items i have?
  3. explination of my behavior.

    ok so tommaro would be my 1 month wait. i was wondering if the character of my chioce would be unnbanned and all the others would be locked. is this right?
  4. explination of my behavior.

    ok thank you very much.
  5. explination of my behavior.

    thank you very much! i have to ask though... do i start a new char. or do i log on with the new name and old password?
  6. explination of my behavior.

    well then the character name that i would want to make for my new account would be Horcruxxes is that possible?
  7. explination of my behavior.

    well if i could get my old name that would be really great. if i could have Horcruxes back but compleatly reset then that would be awesome. is that possible?
  8. explination of my behavior.

    thank you very much and i appreciate you excepting my appologies. but can you tell me when my IP address will be unbanned? i am still not able to play EL.
  9. explination of my behavior.

    so i can play but that player gets deleated? is there a way were i can keep the one i play with for that month but not recive my old char? and when does my IP address become unbanned so that i may play? o wait... i re-read your post i and i think i understand you. so if i make a new char, after 1 month everything i have gets taken away? would that include skills and books?
  10. explination of my behavior.

    ahhh i see im not allowed to play for 1 month am i? =( well i guess i shoulda talked to u then lol. but did u ever pm me? umm i have a question though. if i didnt want any players unlocked and i just made a new one would that be allowed? im a noob so waiting a month to play as a noob doesnt seem worth while? is that possible?
  11. explination of my behavior.

    wow lol ok... horcruxes- first character. Horecuxes- ??? i think u mean Horcruxe and he was my second character i made after being banned? BannanaHammock- ? that might have been my brother? im not sure lol. Gimmly- i think i used him as a mule and then stoped that same day. greyoldman- ? are u sure? i dont know about that one either. HorrorBegins- i made him after i was banned because when it wouldnt let me log into El i with Horcruxes i wanted to know if it was the EL server or if i was banned. Squanto- my friend drew who played on the same sever as me when we were all on out laptops. BaldEagle- was my friend chris who also was on his laptop playing with us. Heedlessone- was my friend matt who was also on his laptop playing with us lol. (there were 4 of us) TransientBeing- i can identifi him as matts ( Heedlessones ) mule. i told u he was multi accounting. mulemanboy- i told u i used him as a mule for Horcruxes. pooppuutt- i belive my friend drew used him to also find out if the server was down and to see if his character wasnt banned. wow thats alot and i am sorry for everything. i didnt ask for any of them to be unbanned exsept for Horcruxe. and if you will not unbann him im willing to start everything over and obey all the rules if you unlock my IP Address. sorry for everything.
  12. explination of my behavior.

    hello, my first name ever in EL was Horcruxes who was banned a few day ago for multi accounting. yes, i multi accounted with a man stupidly named mulemanboy. buy let me explain about all the others. i was at my friends house and a few nights ago and for 2 days i was there. all of us on our laptops connected to one server. i can see how that would go over... we all ended up being banned on the second night due to multi accounting. ( my friends names were Squanto, BaldEagle, and heedlessone. and yes i can prove it.) myself and heedlessone who i am sure multi accounted himself ( but i dont know who with ), both created new accounts to start over and accept that we were banned. i knew what i did and took the punishment. but yet again i did not read the rules. i found myself again breaking a rule when i started to talk openly with a man next to me when i was harvesting. i told him how i was banned and im sure it looked like i was seeeking a loophole. yet again i am sorry. but i know that i never cheated with the new character i made i would be ever greatfull and carefull about what i do in EL. multi accounting was stuppid on my part and playing with my friends all on one server, i should have knowen. my ip address in now blocked so i cant even try and make things right with a new person =P. that said, i am asking if Horcruxe would be unnbanned and if not i would understand. but if anything i would like my ip address unlocked so that i may start a new. thank you. sincerly, Horcruxes.