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  1. sold, thanks everyone who brought
  2. selling some random stuff i dont need

    sure just send me a gossip or pm me ingame if im on and we'll talk
  3. is it worth it?

    Hello i am interested in ranging but know nothing much about it. I want to become a good archer, i know it will cost alot of money but im not worried about that, im thinking ill create a new charcter a pure archer for now so i can be better then if i did it on my main. I will be getting both the perks as a pure ranger it will benefit me.(if it doesnt just say so) I just need to know what attibutes are good for rangers? and any opinions about anything to do with ranging is appreciated
  4. is it worth it?

    just im a bit low on the pps i need em for alot of things. if i go anti ill make sure i have a supplier like a guildie or something
  5. is it worth it?

    ok tyvm now all i need to do is save up 500k for everything. i will train a/d decided if i create a pure ranger has way to many disadvantages. like no defense if i go pking (just incase i get hit) and the money is harder to make, if i take anti i have the pps for the perks now
  6. is it worth it?

    i dont have alot off pps on my main... and low perception so ill need like 20 pps for perks and that.... ive already created an alt and i already know it may cost hundreds of thousands of gc but well i want a ranger. so any advide for a PURE ranger? ill try to get 300k to start yep im getting both perks.. all i need to know is what attributes...? do i get will up higher then 16 or not at all? i guess high phys for weight and health..? low coord is phys better? need some pro ranger advice EDIT: the only prob to a pure ranger is they have no def so in pk get hit VERY high, im thinking about buying some stones/saving up pps and making my main a ranger, still if you can give a few hints for attribute setup/anything else say so
  7. Forum validation requests

    He has a forum account already. he has a forum account but he says everytime he trys to post it says: it has to be approved by a mod first..
  8. Forum validation requests

    hello can you please activate my friends forum account, he is having troubles his forum name is: demin1 same as his ingame name thanks
  9. Polymorph ideas

    Yeah, so would be many other things, not gonna happen. ok
  10. Polymorph ideas

    yes i have read that post... i am only suggesting it, becuase i think it would be useful and use alot, just my opinion on it
  11. Polymorph ideas

    i agree, the 5 i would say would be most useful and most used are: mule phonix leprechaun cheetah not sure on 5th but all of them must be useful, otherwise players wont bother useing it, this is just my opinion
  12. Polymorph ideas

    i think we should definitly have a cheetah as time suggested, many people hate the slow walking and would definitly use this polymorph alot. and as acelon suggested we should have leprechauns, will also be used alot. i still say we should have like one a/d monster possibly cycs, but am happy we at least got mule
  13. hello i play on the main serve but am very interested in the pk server i have read a bit on the pk forums and it seems the pk server needs more harvesters/mixers. well i love the fact it is no cooldown. so if anyone has any alts they dont use or have quit the pk server then ill gladly take it i probably wont fight much. ill mostly mix just email it or pm me on main server. thanks if you want to email it to me my email adress is: skin_tickett@hotmail.com or use the forum mesaging
  14. does anyone have an alt.. they dont need

    Don't worry about the numbers now; we are growing! It's an advantage to start now rather than wait until there are a couple hundred players. yeah it is, i want to play just cant get the 5$ atm, so thats why im seeing if anyone has chars they dont use. do you have one that i can use?
  15. does anyone have an alt.. they dont need

    well thats good the only problem turning me off the server is lack of people. but yes i will also continue to try to get people on pk server if i have to, thanks alot just email the acc and pass.. even if its gt nothing on it.
  16. The Greatest EL Player

    i havnt played for too long... but to me greatest players are friends that help you out. heres me list anywayz.. LIGHTspeed: he helped me out when i was new about a yr and a half ago.. selyob: for helping out anyone who needs it even if he is going out of his way annatira: always healing people and helping contests. stewbaby: nice guy, always doing something huge (making 160k FE's harvesting 400k iron ore) all my guildies.. especially DragonGod and kiwi06.. funny guys anyone who helps out other people(healing them, giving them advice etc) is considered a great player, its not always about being the best