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  1. New perk ideas

    I don't do instances, so this did not occur to me. This would be an easy fix, just not allow them in instances (or any pvp). I do not see a problem with hyperbags though, but you can just make it so you can't tele while over your normal EMU if this is a problem
  2. New perk ideas

    Perk name: Dedicated Mixer Description: Doubles emu while sitting (intended for bag-mixing, unsure but doubt it can be abused) Cost: 6-8 pps and 120-150k? or whatever deemed reasonable
  3. selling a few bits and pieces

    sure contact me ingame, sorry for delays been really busy
  4. selling a few bits and pieces

    sure, get me tomorrow tho im off to bed
  5. selling a few bits and pieces

    sorry sold the toads, blk scale is still available though
  6. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    will removal - NC blue quarts
  7. Banana Serp /Ice and Fire

    I to would like to see some more active use of the magic/ice/fire serps. it would be a shame to not have a decent use for them as long as they don't overpower the thermal ofc
  8. its not going to hurt anyone if there were an extra tile to walk through infact alot of people would be more happy, just because some of us mapwalk doesnt mean that we should have to have such annoying obstacles, honestly who is affected by people who mapwalk? i can't think of any so who cares how we like to play the game?
  9. i think the effects are fine for summoning stones, but i agree that summoning stones should have a 10 second+ cooldown before you can use another, however if you are summoning you should be able to cast however many you can, because that is SKILL whereas there aint no skill in using a summon stone
  10. What makes Eternal Lands unique?

    I like this game because: As with everyone else has said the community is really good. Any other mmorpg has immature kids and they just want to beat everyone shitless, EL has a good community with mature players who actually work together. Not just that but the game is so different to any other, it is a very well thought out game,with 1000's of items, heaps of enjoyable skills and the fact that there is always something to do. overall EL is a great UNIQUE game and i find it very enjoyable (alot of games consist of hours of grinding, so not very fun)
  11. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    yeah maybe not but im a guy in game so people should use common sense
  12. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    hmm lol moebird i always thought you chose your name as an anagram of : im bored anywayz, ive had a few: reperia: was my first, choise it beause it sounded fantasy type, hanged it because people thought i was a chick dremora: i liked this name, got it from one of the best games: morrowind, changed because of same problem rathz is my current (untll tomorrow read below): i got it from a friend of mine from another mmorpg, he was a pro archer tomorrow i am considering changing my name to: CyberFairy if anyone has heard of timesplitters? no im not queer - sorry yeah i think im addicted to name changes, ive played all up around 4 months, and i like changing myname
  13. buying silver bars

    hello i am buying 300 silver bars, please pm Rathz or post here thanks
  14. Jack of All Trades Day

    i say this day is a great idea, i mean it doesnt STOP fighters from training... so stop your bitching.. i mean its is for 6 hours and it doesnt stop you from training just go pk or something. if fighters cant get their own way they bitch, just deal with it for once like mixers always have to. anywayz would be good for everyone because it would encourage the useage of skills a player wouldnt normally use well this is my opinion hopefully it gets implemented