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  1. Morath

    mmm... who dares to challenge my "epic bagjumper" title?
  2. Jezebelle's radu party

    so radu just curiosity but do u make the game all by urself or u have ppl that help u program it etc and do u have a job and do it on free time or u make a living off the game?
  3. Light_Grenade

    wait wait, the guy name's light grenade??? lol
  4. landmines

    landmines get offended at being called a landmine, plz stop it
  5. SleepyJo guild |W|

    heya sleepy. gz on the jump btw
  6. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    LOL, noobs never cease to amaze me!!! they create a guild with "WAR" in the name (MWAR), go into pk area and then get mad when get killed hahahaha
  7. Thanks herculese!

    why ppl never die in front of me :/ :D
  8. Making EL better

    i like the idea of lvl requirements on armor and weapons etc... one thing id change in EL if i could would be taking out the mm cape and perk. i dont like the idea u buy a cape like that and have full access to the game (except wheres aa), in any other game that i know theres such thing. You should work on your ad lvls to be able to reach some places in the game. I think it would also increase interactions between players, (if you dont plain on be a fighter) eventually you would have to ask someone to escort you etc... and i also kinda agree with sora_bazard, the game needs formula and requirement lvls revision but i think it can be done without a wipeout
  9. Vacation

    have fun on vacation
  10. The Monuments Contest, #2

    USL u gonna post the bots coords? and thx it was a fun contest
  11. Saltpeter

    Selling 3,5k saltpeter if anyone interested pm me in game for price
  12. ok i feel like adding some feedback here since iv playing "outlaw" for a good time now.. 1- true, if you dont have a friend to pvp your pretty much screwed since will be hard find someone else, and if you do they pretty much will pull a sword and PK you 2- not a problem at all, i never had a problem getting anything i needed in game so far and most players im sure have enemies guilds and individuals that they wont trade anyways 3- not a problem either since EL has so many bots this days i still can buy in like 50% of em, some bot owners dont care at all they want your money no matter what 4- true, i dont pk though but im sure if i step in KF ill be one main target and will have to wear a red cape always or ill get broded in no time 5- cant really say anything here since i never did a instance but im sure i would find partners, i have friends like everyone else, it could be a little harder but would work eventually 6- most guilds wont accept you but there are some guilds that will and like i said before many people will trade you no matter what and trade your guildies as well, i wish what you said was true cause that would mean more drama and thats fun after all so after all it wont change much if you like challenges, drama, attention w/e u call it playing the outlaw side can be very funny i dont mean this post to sound offensive to what you wrote GoodDay2Die, im just telling how it really is and if you guys ask what i think about taking DBS i think it IS outlaw/dispute material, it always was and it sounds non sense to me now ppl thinking otherwise, looks like there are many bjers out there in the closet that would like to use this as an excuse for what they being doing
  13. BURN is a bagjumping guild

    i see those young padawans decided to join the dark side of the force, congratz Cycrosism and Dan13l keep up the good job!
  14. newhope bagjumper

    omg a bunch of hypocrits on EL!!! nothing new...
  15. Adopt a newbie program

    Nice idea! Me and tyrone will do our share adopting some newbies and teaching them how to bagjump!