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  1. I Got Banned And I Don't Know Why?...

    i know i am new to the forums but isn't it anoying to take other threads get your own
  2. Som1 Hacked And Changed My Password

    i am speaking on behalf of my other player the_black_ninja because i cannot post on forums it will not work som1 hacked on to the_black_ninja's file and changed his or mine whatever password can som1 post me one or whatever you do like that plz
  3. i lost the password for my other player the black ninja i no longer use mm_perk on the gae only on forum
  4. Why Am I Banned

    why did i get banned i was just walkin along in votd and som1 banned me plz unban me i have done nothing wrong or tell me what i have done wrong
  5. Why Am I Banned

    i will thx for unbaning me learner
  6. Why Am I Banned

    can i my serp before u delet him plz
  7. Why Am I Banned

    yes i will delete mm perk but i must get my thungs off him and on to the black ninja
  8. Why Am I Banned

    come on i am sure i read somwhere on this forum by ent evry1 deserves a second chance plz can i have mine
  9. Why Am I Banned

    i know it is i did not get that from the rules i am increbibly sorry just plz unban me
  10. Why Am I Banned

    placid sorry i suposse i should i just want to play and learner i used him for puting my expensive items in such as serp i take it out when i need it then put back in and i use him to stay n bags while i go sell the stuff sorry for and there is no it was brother or friend or dog whatever in this one i screwed up and want to have a second chance
  11. Why Am I Banned

    i am speaking on behalf of my other player the black ninja my acount got hacked about a month ago by vade i think i told u if not t might of been teh banned 0n3na (it has been sorted out now i got all my things back) plz plz unban me i need to play eternal lands i will destroy mm_perk just let me get my things off him then i will destroy him
  12. Why Am I Banned

    plz can som1 unbann me i will only ever have 1 char plz just unbann me
  13. Why Am I Banned

    i know and i am sorry i will destroy mm_perk i have done it alot but that because of reason above
  14. Why Am I Banned

    som1 plz reply i need to play eternal lands
  15. Why Am I Banned

    if it is about me trading iwth my other player the black ninja i am sorry my acount got hacked and ppl said put your things in differnt acount so i did that if i get unbanned i will destroy mm_perk and only use the black ninja
  16. Why Am I Banned

    ccp thx for your suggestion but no1 has complained yet only complented actually