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  1. Favorite Game Of the Moment

    http://www.foddy.net/Ninjas.html this game is addicting all hell - my best score thus far is 114 - beat it! ya knucklehead!
  2. PK Goddess of EL

    I have met the swords of all of these lovely ladies and died by a couple of them. There is no doubt in my mind that Tyra has the history and the pk list to sweep this "contest". In keeping with the rules of the contest I will have to vote for Tyra, despite my obvious bias towards Starlite , despite the fact that CherUT can chew me up and spit me out, despite the fact that Shayli has got an attitude as sharp as her sword, despite the fact that Me_oW could crush me into a small brick, and despite the fact that Binky never backs down. Des rocked all and Cissysauce was no one you would want to get on the bad side of either - however; they are not in this this contest. - - Tyra has my vote
  3. storage sale/auction

    All done done done now new and improved lower prices! Selling some and auctioning others: Auctioning - Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal - sold! starting bid - 600k - increase by 1k increments - BIN - 700k Radioactive Rapier - starting bid 165k - increase by 1k increments - BIN 180k -sold Selling - Weapons: 1 Crossbow - 8k 1 Steel Axe - 800gc -sold 1 Bronze Sword 20k -sold 1 Spear - 25k 1 Titanium Serpent Sword - 17k - sold 1 Jagged Saber - 38k - sold 1 Orc Slayer - 38k - sold Armour 4 Steel Chain Mail - 800gc each 1 Iron Greave - 7.5k 1 Titanium Chain Mail - 5.5k 87 Leather Gloves - 34gc each or 2600 for all - sold 2 Steel Shield - 800 each 1 Red Dragon Helm Of Life and Mana - 105k - sold 1 Mage Robe Pants - 60k - sold 1 Titanium Shield - 33k 1 Crown of Life - 83k -sold bronze set - on hold 180k w/helm and shield 1 Bronze Helm 1 Bronze Plate Mail - 1Bronze Cuisses 1 Bronze Greave 1 Bronze Shield 1 Titanium Greave Black Dragon set - sold 270k 1 Black Dragon Mail 1 Black Dragon Cuisses 1 Black Dragon Greave Steel set - sold 110k 1 Steel Plate Mail 1 Steel Cuisses 1 Steel Greave Clothes 1 Fast Regeneration Cape - 3.5k - sold 1 Blue Adventurer's cap - 23k 1 Black Tunic - 10k 1 Mirror Cloak - 12k - sold 1 Black Tunic Black Shirt - 12k 1 Cape of The Unbreakable 6.5k 1 Black Tunic White Shirt - 10k 1 Black Tunic Red Shirt - 10k 1 Warlock's Cloak - 24k 1 Body Piercing Cloak - 2k 1 Excavator Cape - 2.5k - sold 1 Black Baggy Pants - 3.5k 1 Cape of passive camouflage - 18k - sold 1 Tunic of the Ninja - 40k - sold 1 Brown Tunic - 7k 1 Brown Baggy Pants - 3.5k ores/metals/minerals Ores: 2210 Iron Ore - 3.5 each - sold 4158 Silver Ore - 2.5 each - sold Metals: 48 Steel Bar - 51gc each - sold 418 Iron Bar - 48gc each - sold 24 Gold Bar - 48gc each - sold 40 Titanium Bar - 48gc each Minerals: 3116 Quartz - 2gc each - sold 3068 Sulfur - 2gc each - sold 2176 Coal - 2gc each - sold Tools: 45 Mortar & Pestle - 90 each - sold 68 Pickaxe - 15 each 1k for all - sold magic 2 red dragon scales - 3k each sold 1 black dragon scale - 4k - sold
  4. storage sale/auction

    the jagged saber is already going to Alberich - check the previous posts before making one of your own please
  5. storage sale/auction

    i'd like to sell it you you, but according to gossip you don;t exist - you'll have to pm me ingame please
  6. land mines and black screens

    Whenever a landmine explodes on my screen, the whole screen goes black. It doesn't crash or freeze and I am still able to do anything that I would normally be able to do. I can see player names, health points, and guild tags as well as all eye candy. I am using a Macbook 2.2 GHz core duo, 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM running OSX 10.5.8 thanks - Ghost
  7. forum name change

    Would you be so kind as to change my forum name to my in-game name, please? - that would be Ghost btw
  8. forum name change

    Thanks very much
  9. buying - Thermal Serp!

    Looking to buy a Serpent Sword of Thermal - pm me ingame - Ghost - closed -
  10. auctioning scythe

  11. auctioning scythe

    80k - Ghost
  12. Auction: Thermal Serpent Sword

    I bid several brods upside your fat head, you louse -
  13. Scythe & Dragon blade

    75k for the Dragon Blade - Ghostfrog ingame
  14. Bronze and Red Dragon

    Auctioning Full Bronze and Red Dragon Plate and Greaves Bronze - Starting bid 120k - BIN 180k - 5k increments RD Plate - starting bid 120k - BIN 138k - sold RD greaves - starting bid - 54k - BIN 60k (buy both RD plate and greaves and I'll throw in my damaged RD cuisses for another 10k XD ) pm me ingame - Ghostfrog or post here as always I reserve the right not to sell if I feel like being a jerk about it yadayadayada
  15. Bronze and Red Dragon

    Due to a lack of sufficient monetary interest and a new found love of my bronze armour - I've decided to end this auction -
  16. Bronze and Red Dragon

    I'll end this auction on Saturday evening (Pacific time) - thanks for the interest so far
  17. Bronze and Red Dragon

    Yessir, Liquid - it does include the shield
  18. Ultimate 80100 Instance team Auction

    55k for the DB - ingame - Ghostfrog
  19. Red dragon helm of life and mana

    200kgc - - pm Ghostfrog ingame
  20. -Icy Dragon Armour-

    I'm selling my beautiful Ice Dragon Armour - Plate, cuisses, greave. The starting bid is 399k - or buy it now for 430k - If the highest bid isn't at least 399k I will not sell - I have the helm too - We can talk about that if you buy the set. happy bidding
  21. -Icy Dragon Armour-

    I sold the armour in-game already. Sorry for not posting earlier - you know how hectic things can be around the holidays. ~Nyarlathotep
  22. -AntiSocial Removal Stone - -Starting bid ~60k~ -continuing in increments of 2k - -post here or pm me in-game - - auction will conclude on Saturday 20, December at 2pm pacific time -
  23. Auctioning Antisocial Removal Stone

    The difference is - people dont pay 60k Anyway, I bought a cheaper Why is it some people feel that given a certain amount of anonymity they are free to be jerks? True colors boldly shine through...go put it in your blog.
  24. Auctioning Antisocial Removal Stone

    XD 60k, 40k what's the difference?
  25. micah9 was scammed

    There is a special place in the bowels of the underworld held for those people who commit such a low act and then gloat about it. If you've already proven that you are a douche by committing the act there's no need go on about it, is there?