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  1. 100k silver ore auction

    Auction is closed due to a buy now price from bugabear of 300k. I do appoligise because of the early close in the auction but its an offer I cannot refuse.
  2. 100k silver ore auction

    I am currently auctioning 100k silver ore and will be running this auction till 4/13 11 AM Eastern US Timezone at which time i will be online as much as possible until the buyer and i can meet up. Id like to begin the auction at 2.4 each or 240k gold coins Please serious bidders only Any questions PM me in game xerocool happy bidding
  3. banned xerocool

    the third was a while back when my cousins brother was here we have lan parties some times but since his computer had to many troubles running it he hasnt logged on like at all
  4. banned xerocool

    My screen name is xerocool and Apparently Aislinn booted me while i was afk on and off since i was doing homework. I assume it has to do with a second character on my ip address but that is my cousins character we just happen to live together. This has been an issue before between me and my brother exadion but since then has moved to another IP Address. Monkeyb00y can tell you that their is more than on of us if you ask him and my brother should be posting here soon from his house to tell you we are cousins in the same house. I hope you will take this into consideration and unban us.
  5. exadion and xerocool

    if they watch they will see we are using different ips because we dont live together anymore.
  6. exadion and xerocool

    not to sound like im complaining but exadion is my brother if i cant trade with my brother what would be the point in playing?
  7. exadion and xerocool

    Hi this is xerocool i was banned along with my brother some time back for his trading with me on the same ip address with a bot and himself. we do not currently even live at the same house anymore and i have no intentions on breaking the rules if i can be unbanned now. I have no Alt characters and dont even want any please unban me.