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  1. Your personal fave?

    I can see why. only 1 gram of pure Francium exists in the world today it is extremely hard to make and usually bonds with the first thing it comes in contact with.
  2. Why are fluffys so agressive?

    hey, its me!!(with a bunny suit on)
  3. Other MMORPGs

    Nice woodchuck this game is awesome. What server you play on and whats your char name, got lucky and got bone of sky dragon drop woot...can sell in shop for 400k any idea what its worth to players? That game is sweet, i played it once got addicted to it big time, then after a week of playing got boring. Too easy to lvl, i found myself a guild i sit in water zone place thing while they kill i just get xp and lvl like mad :lol: I agree, i got to about lvl 40 or so then got bored of a basic slash and hack game.
  4. Strange weather!

    up until a few days ago I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and was hot here in houston.
  5. Other Games

    Since we have other MMORPGs. I was wondering if anyone knew any good single player free games(downloadable perferably)?
  6. Watch at your own risk!

    lol, my parents got pissed, turned the volume up to hear soft music....
  7. My Game

    cool, e-mail me when u need beta testers
  8. Which 'skin' do you use?

    I think most people use the default, to much trouble to change and the others are hard on the eyes
  9. Jokes

    rofl @ mr. mind
  10. Beam me up scotty

    awesome. If nothing else we will get an extremely fast computer. yay - alienware suxs
  11. Wake Me Up When September Ends

    I personally think that is one of the best protest songs ever written. I just saw it on yahoo music. Thats their best yet. I love the fact that they are anti-war, anti-bush and pro-life. Green Day rocks
  12. riddle

    if you don't understand it yet, you will never. next riddle- i'm ready
  13. to save gasoline use dead cats

    hydrogen bombs are extremely hard to make and hydrogen can be available for about $4.50 a gallon(compared to gasoline - not a real gallon of hydrogen just the same amount of energy.
  14. to save gasoline use dead cats

    I can't wait till gas hits $8 a gallon. Then alternative fuels will be extremely viable. All hail Hydrogen, Propane, and Solar Power!
  15. funniest religousjoke of the year(from gaurdian)

    here is the real reason church and sate should be separated.